Koa - Pit Bull/BC mix - San Diego, CA

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Koa - Pit Bull/BC mix - San Diego, CA

Postby FransterDoo » Wed Aug 11, 2010 1:29 pm

I met Koa this weekend and she's a really great dog! In fact, I was getting some pressure to consider her but Franny doesn't like girls she hasn't raised herself.

She's about 1 year old and spayed, recently UTD with vaccines and goes to the vet regularly.

According to her person:
She is GREAT with other dogs and children (we have four daughters, including a baby!) We are hoping she can find a home that can engage her active mind and body! She loves everyone she meets, and is such a sweet girl. She is also LIGHTNING fast, and loves to play with her ball and any rope toys you give her! She is an extremely fast learner, and LOVES to please you! We feel she would be an excellent canine athletic prospect.

When I took some time with Koa, she was very focused on her ball and hunted/searched for it for about 3 minutes (until she found it). A friend was able to do a ball retrieve/tug exchange and she tugged like a champ. Was not sparky with any of the dogs on leash at the training sessions and was not so over the top that she couldn't focus within site of the racing lanes (with running, tugging dogs and lots of loud voices). Very sweet with all people that approched her and gave plenty of kisses.

Everyone agreed that she is not pure APBT/AmStaff/bully breed and many of the border collie people saw BC in her.

Structure is nice with good rear angulation. She's probably about 45-50 pounds and could stand to lose a little chub and gain some muscle.

Her current family is very overwhlemed with Koa. They have 4 daughters that looked all under the age of 7 and two were a toddler and a baby. Local flyball people have given her some training and games to teach and it's helped but Koa is really looking for an active home that has time for her. She heard that there was a bully family coming to the training weekend and while she's not right for our home, I told her I'd put her out there.

If you are interested, please PM me. I have both phone and email information for Koa's family. I believe that the family is not asking for a fee but will be screening carefully.

Koa 3 by silly_wicket, on Flickr

Koa1 by silly_wicket, on Flickr

Koa2 by silly_wicket, on Flickr

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Re: Koa - Pit Bull/BC mix - San Diego, CA

Postby pblove » Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:33 pm

I wish she was not across the country from me as I would love to met 'check her out for agility, rally, obedience, and tracking for starters

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