Ready to start looking...

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???
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Ready to start looking...

Postby Misskiwi67 » Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:25 am

Its been 48 hours since the GSD foster showed up, and I'm officially ready to start looking for a better fit.

Romeo is happier with another dog around, he's currently running zoomies up and down the hallway with Bear, who is far too big, too whiney, and too neurotic (although a perfect shephard!!) for my likes.

Life with just Romeo is too easy. My dogs are my escape, and with just one I have too much time to think about work and life in general. So I don't want a perfect dog, but I want to look carefully for that "perfect fit" My needs are listed in order of necessity.

1. Must be couch compatible. Romeo has a bubble when it comes to naptime and Sheila met my need for cuddletime. I miss this most of all.

2. Must be dog friendly. I spend a lot of long hours at work, often 12-18 hour shifts where the dogs are welcomed to join you, and there are usually 2-6 other dogs in the doctors offices. There's plenty of room for "crate and rotate" if the dog is selective, but getting along with the majority of well balanced socialized dogs is a must due to my current work conditions. These conditions were slightly difficult with Sheila who was quite manageable, but we were able to keep everyone safe and comfortable. I'd like a dog who's a little less selective, but a pittie is a pittie and I can work with some selectiveness too.

3. Moderate energy. I want a dog who can go for a 4 mile walk through the woods one day, and spend all day in bed the next. Bouncy happy crazy energy when we get home to help get mommy out to play but calms quickly is perfection.

4. Moderate size. 50 lbs or less preferred, up to 70 do-able.

5. Ideally I'd like the pup to be Romeo's new best friend. He is a better dog with another dog around, his barrier frustration goes down to practically nothing, he barks less, and plays more. Its best if they can be left within earshot together, they will not be left loose in the home together when I'm not home, but will be in a run or in the office unsupervised on a regular basis.

Joe was a perfect fit. It took 6 months to find him, and I'm willing to wait that long for the next perfect dog. I will continue to foster neurotic GSD's to keep Romeo happy until I find that perfect fit. I wish I could steal Joe back, but every military man needs his dog, and Joe is as loved as any dog could ever be. I would LOVE to find a female version of Joe...

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