Meet Mo! Minnesota - Twin Cities

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Meet Mo! Minnesota - Twin Cities

Postby laiinkyree » Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:09 pm

Everyone meet Mo! My new foster dog. She was found this summer tied to a light pole near a vet's office. She was malnourished and had skin issues due to allergies. She was treated and adopted out, only to be returned the day after I got Butters because having a dog and children was "too much work." She sat in boarding until today, when I could get her out :( She's young, in the 1-2 year mark, and SUPER HIGH ENERGY. Though I'm not sure how much of that is really her, and how much of it is "OOOOMMMMGGGG I'M OUT OF THAT KENNEL!" Only time will tell. She's a huuuuge wiggle butt, and hasn't stopped moving since she got here 4 hours ago. She is super dog friendly, but plays rough. Her only downfall is that she's food/toy aggressive with other dogs. Thankfully not with people at all. Very easy to manage, but tips on how/if this is an issue I can improve would be appreciated :)

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Re: Meet Mo! Minnesota - Twin Cities

Postby Chasesdad » Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:36 am

Hi Mo! Yay Minnesota! Lol

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