Richie...sweet boy in a shelter for at least a year.

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???
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Richie...sweet boy in a shelter for at least a year.

Postby nicolegrantier » Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:45 pm

We adopted our bully girl, Mona, from a shelter about 8 months ago. While at the shelter we meant several other bullys...including Richie. Ritchie was exceptionally polite and sweet and we were very interested in him, but we were told he had been adopted. However, when I went on to the shelter web site about a week later to update them on the dog we had adopted I saw Richie was still there? That was eight months ago...and my understanding is that he had been there for some time before we meant him. I have seen him listed on several sites (ebay, newspapers, pet finder...) and still no home for Richie. Our experience with him was nothing but positive. In a hall of barking dogs he sat politely (and quietly) by his kennel door just waiting for some love. I would highly recommend anyone in the state interested in a new best buddy come meet him. According to his add he is good with dogs...big and small, people, cats...he's around 2 years old. I just can't take seeing him there anymore. If I could have another dog I drive down there right now! BTW, they call him a mix. My guess is purebred.

"This boy will make you a wealthy person! Richie will shower you with kisses and make sure there is never a moment that you do not feel well loved! He has a fun, goofy personality that goes well with his grin. Richie is always happy and so eager to meet new people. He will make a great companion for hiking or just daily walks in the park. Richie will then be happy to plop down on the couch if you allow him and snuggle up for cuddles. He is playful with other dogs that he knows and is a little cautious of new dogs. He is clean in his kennel so he may already have house training. He knows the command to sit and down and is willing to learn more commands as long as he has a teacher willing to put in the time.Richie is our new office mascot and he loves greeting all the people that come in. He hangs out all day with our staff and gets the special treatment that he deserves. He has been great with small dogs in the office and shares his office with 2 Chihuahuas. He is also good with kittens and cats.He also has a new Rottweiler pal who he loves to play with. Richie can get vocal when he plays and likes to rummle. Richie needs a strong handler who will be consistent in his training and put in the time to make this boy an angle! Richie has an unforgettable tender personality that will wash away your concerns of the breed. Come meet Richie and let him show just how much love he has to offer a new family! Richie is 1 1/2 to 2 years old and weighs about 50-55lbs. Adoption fee $100.00.

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