Good rescues/shelters in VA Beach area?

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???
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Good rescues/shelters in VA Beach area?

Postby Amie » Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:13 pm

A high school friend that I haven't spoken to in 15+ years contacted me. A friend of hers found a pit bull and of course they contacted me looking for something to do. I don't know the dog personally, nor do I plan on meeting it, but I'd like to be able to send her to a few rescues nearby. I've already directed her to PBRC, any other ideas?

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Re: Good rescues/shelters in VA Beach area?

Postby Amy Hendrickson » Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:53 pm

I've known a few over the years out of VA Beach but they've all pretty much crumbled for various reasons. I've always heard that the K9 New Life center was pit bull friendly

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