Emergency placement.

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Emergency placement.

Postby Libby » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:26 pm

I got a phone call at work today from a gal in Grants, NM (about an hour from Gallup). She has a pit bull/mix female, one year old. She is spayed and current on her vaccinations.

The dog, Babe, is dog aggressive, but good with people. She's solid white with a few brown spots. The owner is going to try and get me a few pictures of her.

The story is, the lady picked Babe up off the rez when she was a puppy, not knowing she was a pit bull, and then not knowing anything about the breed once she realized what the dog was. Within the last month, Babe has become very aggressive towards the other dogs, and the last time she went after the oldest dog, who is a senior, and seriously injured him.

She has eight other dogs. She has been trying to get in contact with rescues for a few weeks, but she hasn't gotten any replies to her e-mails. I understand most places are full to bursting right now, but I would like to help her. She is an older lady and I can tell she loves all of her dogs, including Babe, very much. She was crying when I was speaking with her on the phone.

She is trying to do right by all of her dogs, and she is going to kennel Babe at the clinic she was spayed at for a few days. She does have a smaller fenced in area she tried to keep Babe in, but she kept getting out. I did suggest to her that she set a chain spot up in that fenced area just to keep her from harming the other dogs, and she was agreeable.

I know that we hear stories like this all the time, but this woman is very sincere in her love and her guilt over this dog.

She is located in Grants, NM but is willing to travel to get the dog into a safe place.

I have not met this dog in person, but I do plan to get out there and meet her just so I can do a short evaluation on her temperment. I will also get pictures, in case the owner isn't able to.

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