Pretty Pittie in the Atlanta Area

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Pretty Pittie in the Atlanta Area

Postby rooandlulu » Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:20 pm

I've been a lurker mostly on these boards, but am looking for help in finding this girl a good home. My mom found her on Christmas Eve by the side of the rode, curled up, so my mom came and got me, assuming the dog was badly hurt and needed to be put down. The dog ended up being fine. When I first approached her, she lifted her head, then trotted over.

I'm still living at home with my parents and my dad really doesn't want the dog to stay. I need to try and find her another home, albeit a suitable one, soon. She's a great dog and, if it was up to me, she'd be mine.

She's maybe a year old, not spayed. Very small and lean- probably doesn't top 40lb.

She's been introduced to our other dog and did really well. Doesn't seem to show signs of any dog aggression, food aggression, etc. She is a very alert dog. She will bark at strange people if she feels threatened, but wags her tail and approaches people if spoken to in a happy voice.

She doesn't whine or bark very often. She isn't a huge chewer or very destructive. Just now got her to play today- LOVES LOVES LOVES the jollyball.

She doesn't seem to have been housebroken or know any cues, but she hasn't messed in the house since the first day (although I've been taking her out about every 2 hours), and I've been clicker training her. She now knows sit and down. She's walking pretty well on the leash. She'll pull, but I've been clicking/treating for staying by my side.

Does anyone have some tips on getting her into a good home?



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Re: Pretty Pittie in the Atlanta Area

Postby Amy Hendrickson » Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:46 pm

get her spayed, then get her listed on for adoption
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