Red-Nose Pit Pup Needs Loving Home

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Red-Nose Pit Pup Needs Loving Home

Postby PitbullGirl » Thu Jul 01, 2004 12:30 am

Okay, well you may remember me talking about possibly getting a red-nose pit puppy into rescue...The owners did indeed decide he needs to be rehomed.
Red is a 5 month old, Red Nosed Pit from a kind of vauge background. He was rescued at just over 2 months from a known fighting breeder's house. He has never been fought, but as what happenes with 'Game' bred pits, he has some slight issues. The owners have another pit named Messiah, (Kali's puppy and Orion's brother) and they were hoping that the two dogs would get along what often happens when two male pits live together, Red is beginning to attempt to dominate over Messiah. Messiah is VERY good natured and is letting Red dominate him by allowing Red to eat all Messiah's food causing Messiah to loose weight. Also the stress of Red constantly trying to dominate over Messiah is causing Messiah to loose hair and it could possibly lead to bringing aggressiveness out in Messiah that he doesn't currently posses.
Red is a good hearted puppy who really needs a pit-experienced home. He is NOT people aggressive at all but submissive to people. He is almost completely housebroken and a lover. No food aggression towards people either, but is with other dogs. He is also very hyper and could use some good obedience training which is starting on Monday and he will be worked with daily. Here is the kind of home this beautiful baby needs...if you can't provide exactly what he need, please do not contact me, but if you can, PM me as soon as possible. The owners are asking $150 adoption fee. He is currently not neutered but needs to be and contract signed to do so by potential owners.

Needs to be in ONLY dog home.
No Cats
Must be willing to Neuter!
Needs to be in pit experienced home
Owners have to be willing to crate (he is crate trained)
Needs fenced backyard
No small children in household
Must have someone home with him during the day for the full first year
Must be a house pet, no outdoor kenneling
Clean criminal record, no dog fighting
Must be willing to allow unannounced home checks

If you think you can provide Red with a good loving home, please contact me at Pictures will be up on Friday. Thanks


Postby PitbullGirl » Sun Jul 18, 2004 4:17 pm

I am happy to report that Red will be going to his new home on Monday. He's being adopted by a friend of my fiance who will spoil him rotten and meets all our requirements. Red will be neutered on Wednesday and will also have a new friend in his home. A beautiful female Boxer named Chloe who LOVES to play with other dogs. We'll be able to see Red on a weekly basis for the rest of his life.
I feel really good about this match and should have pictures shortly of Red in his new home.

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