HELP!!!!! Pit Bull being dogsat-- girl can't take care of!!!

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HELP!!!!! Pit Bull being dogsat-- girl can't take care of!!!

Postby katsola » Tue Aug 03, 2004 9:39 am

MAYBE ... before you read the details of this long story, I should ask if any of these foster care groups can provide boarding care for a situation like this...

This is a strange story, but maybe someone can help me. I went to visit my friend who works at a local coffee shop on Friday the 30th. As I was getting out of the car my friend yelled out to me "Do you have a leash in your car?, we have to tie this dog up." So I got one and wennt around the front of the store no friend. So I looked around to see if she was down the street. I spotted her an another friend crouched down and walking both holding on and then the pit bulls head pop out. roflmao .

So I go over to them and we put the leash on her collar. My friend told me she knows whose dog it is and so she just need a least to tie up while we tried to call her again. She lived in the garage apartment behind the coffee shop and everything including the burglar door was locked up. So we still couldn't get her. So one person knew where she worked. So I said we can't leave a pit bull outside in front. It will get stolen and if it get out again and goes to a shelter it will be put down right away. So I took the dog -- her work doesn't open until 10:00. So my office- design firm-- let me bring it with me until I could reunite them. Very nice.

I can't take it home because I have a female lab/pit and was not sure about this one-- for sure a dominate personality but sweet to people. So as it turns out the girl cut open her chin on the concrete the night before when she lost control of the dog who went after a cat. Her mom took her to get stiches. Then again later that same night they tripped over each other or the do jumped on her or something-- not sure?? She opened up her stiches and had to go again. Then I find out that this girl is watching this dog-- as it turns out named Sadie for a friend who is out of the country. So in other words not her dog. This I find out from her Mom who finds out my cell phone number and tells me all of this. Her mom will not let her keep the dog either. Pretty upset about the stiches.

So finally around 1:30 I hear from the girl and we make arrangemets to meet and return the dog. She explains that her Mom is overreacting. Everything is cool. I gave her the number of a firend who has two pit females for advise and to call to find out where she can take the dog if she becomes overwhelmed or her mom freaks out. (I don't know for fact-- but seeing the door the way it was locked, I kinda think the mom let the dog out.)

So I go in today and one of her friends asks me if I want a dog..... This dog is sweet, but it needs to go somewhere safe and I think an only dog foster situation to be evaluated -- it is 6 months old and still has stiches from being spayed a week ago. She is chocolate and white an looks about 40- 50 pounds. I know based on her personality so far I can't take her and I live in an apartment that only allows one dog. A sherrif in the shop today is going to find the number of a resuce in Porter Texas and leave it for me and the guys at the coffe shop for the dog sitter. I just want to know if anyone else can help!!! Please she is a sweety and a cutie and will sit an lay down but is a puppy and testing her spot a bit. I don't know the girl and the dog and I feel really bad because I am can't imagine what it would feel like to intrust someone with your dog and come back to it gone or put to sleep. I have been told that the girl really loves the dog, but despite the fact that she lives on her own her mother is becoming very difficult about her keeping the dog!!! I just want to help the dog be safe untill her owner comes back and form what I understand so does the girl taking care of her. What can I do? can anyone help?[/b]

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