Looking for a rescue for Maverick

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Looking for a rescue for Maverick

Postby Amy Hendrickson » Fri Jan 09, 2004 11:09 am

Maverick is a high drive/high energy rescued fighting dog from Eastern NC that is in a local Humane Society. He has not kenneled well and demolished his run and has been banished to the back of the shelter in a 10*10 dog pen. He needs a working dog home or a home that will run him or work him daily. He loves his tire and will work it for hours.


His last day of availability is January 14. He probably needs a single dog home or very pit bull savvy. He also needs a place that can keep him safely contained during the day with lots of activities. If he were to be left inside a house, he would likely demolish it to the ground before you got home and any crate would be history. When he gets going on an activity, he will do it for hours and hours. He is a large pit bull (50-60 lbs), dark brindle with unfortunately a good amount of scarring on his face, legs, ears and tongue. He is a good dog, very people friendly. He is neutered, UTD, treated for HW and on prevention.

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