Lab/Pit X Needs Help ASAP

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Lab/Pit X Needs Help ASAP

Postby Foxwood » Sun May 07, 2006 7:22 pm

I have a lovable girl with a sad story who needs a foster or forever home!

Here is her sad story....

About a year or so ago, Pat(my sister's friend) rescued the dog from a girl who could/would not feed or take care of her. He was living with his parents, who already have 3 dogs, knowing they would want to help. Of course they
did help, and accepted the dog into the house. Pat left for school in SC this Aug, and Sedona stayed back with his family. Apparently she got into a fight with one of their older dogs, who is known to be dog aggressive(I do not know any details of the fight, she was distraught talking about it), but because the other dog is older, and was unable to defend itself well, she almost died.

Sedona was taken to a local boarding kennel, where she has been for several months, which is costing about $500 a month. Lynne does not want to take her to the SPCA for fear she will not be adopted, and have to be PTS. She has been searching for a forever home, or at least a foster to take Sedona in.

Sedona has been evaluated by a local trainer, who says she is very stable, but is somewhat fearful when children are around(who walk by her kennel). She feels this could easily be successfully addressed with a small amount of training, which Lynne will require of the new owner, and will also pay for.

On a more personal note, Sedona has come over to play with Jada multiple times, and never showed any signs of dog aggression(she has not shown any at the kennel either). She was always VERY well behaved, and extremely smart. I'd love to take her in myself, but don't have the room.

Lynne is at her wit's end, and was practically in tears begging me for help today when she came into my job. She cannot keep paying $500 a month to board her, and is afraid she will have to take her to the SPCA, or put her to sleep!

If anyone knows of ANYONE looking for a dog, or who could foster or any amount of time, a rescue that could help, or anything...PLEASE PM or email me

If you want to see a pic....please email me, she's VERY light fawn, almost white, with natural ears, and just the most lovable face EVER!

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