Blind Pit Bull Puppy - need advice please!!!

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???
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Blind Pit Bull Puppy - need advice please!!!

Postby Rumpley » Thu Aug 19, 2004 12:23 pm

Perhaps this will get moved to "Rescue" I'm not sure.

I'm wondering if anyone of you have tips on placement for dogs that have physical issues, such as blindness? Or dogs that have very noticeable physical differences - home chopped ears etc.

I've seen lots of deaf dogs and how to train etc, but nothing on blind dogs. We've just been contacted by someone who is raising two foster pups, very young, where one was attacked by the mom and may lose one eye, and may be blind in the other eye due to the damage. :sad:

If it was up to me, I would debate heavily bringing up a 3 week old blind pit bull into this world that needs to be adopted, but it's not, so I'm asking for any advice and guidance any of you can lend.

Is it feasible for a dog that has been blind since birth to be able to cope, and b: has anyone ever heard of a dog like this getting adopted? :huh?:

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Postby Spurby » Fri Aug 20, 2004 9:41 am

Sorry, i don't have too much experience with this, except for my own previous dog who went blind due to diabeties.

He adapted really well, considering the fact he had his sight all his life. I would think it would be easier for a pup to overcome this, since he will have to rely on his "other" senses from a very eary age. keeping furniture in the same spots etc. is a given, so the dog gets used to where not to go! never ever off-lead except in your own fenced yard is also a given. Oh, and make sure all stair-ways are always blocked off for odvious reasons. Personally, i don't see this as as too much of a problem, dogs really adapt well to such things, i am sure the pup will be fine as long as he has great owners!

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Postby pitbullforever » Tue Aug 24, 2004 8:52 am

i have a blind cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was born blind. i love her so much i got her from the shelter that i work at. you would never know she was blind if you watch her. my coworker from the shelter also adopted an old blind dog and he also got alone great. you need to just train him like you would anyother dog i love handicap animals and i want that puppy very badly but i work 2 much 2 train her :oops:

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