URGENT (Long Island, NY) "Dee" red-nose, 9y/o, spa

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URGENT (Long Island, NY) "Dee" red-nose, 9y/o, spa

Postby mnp13 » Fri Sep 10, 2004 7:58 am

Dee is a wonderful girl with a friendly, sweet disposition -- Dee had
the "life of Riley" living with a family and a yard to call her own.
Since then the family bought an apartment, a "no pet" apartment, and
had to make other plans for Dee. I guess her home arrangement wasn't
a priority. At that time Dee was brought to live in the husband's
automotive store. Many months have passed since the husband lost his
business and Dee has been living in a small cage in a veterinary
office very depressed and sad. Big, older dogs do NOT belong in
small cages. Dee's depression has gotten pretty bad at times where
she goes through phases of vomiting and lethargy. The vet's are
getting inpatient and talking about sending her to the local
pound ... we all know what that means for a 9 year old Pit Bull.
Dee spent quite a few years at the husband's store and loved the
encounter with different faces every day -- she very much enjoyed all
the human attention and interaction. Dee has lived her whole life as
an only pet so she should probably remain as a one and only. She's a
well-behaved girl who is great with children. Dee is a spry 9yo, she
has a calm temperament, is loyal and trustworthy. She enjoys long
walk and sitting by your side. She's housebroken, vaccinated and
heartworm negative.
Dee is a loving, warm girl who desperately needs out of a cage -- not
only is her quality of life becoming an issue ... so is her fate.
Looking for foster or permanent home ASAP.

Contact Information:
Pat Lamoretti (516) 431-9266

(this is a cross post, I know no other information - Michelle)

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