Blanca in need of a home.

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Blanca in need of a home.

Postby Chocolate Thunda » Mon Oct 25, 2004 4:59 pm

If there is anyone with in spitting distance of Omaha,NE in need of a Loving 1 yr old Pit Bull Please contact me. I'll have a pic to post more than likely tomorrow. I have to go over my inlaws and snap a few pics.

She's current on all her shots has been fixed and has been ready for adoption for sometime now. I also beleive she has a chip. We chip them all but sometimes you lose count. I'm just trying to help the inlaws. We placed her once but the geniuses who had her wanted something a lot more sedated so the kept her in a kennel for a month. We gave them a stuffed teddy bear as a pet in return. She's really a great dog just needs either a home w/ other dogs or a family thats always on the move. I'm also trying to find some truck drivers I know a see if they want to adopt her. Location is not a problem just need to meet adoption requirements. Again I will post pics tomorrow hopefully.

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