Sweets the Amstaff, rescued from Doggie Death Row

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???

Sweets the Amstaff, rescued from Doggie Death Row

Postby SashasMyGirl » Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:07 pm

This poor boy was left alone for an entire week to starve after his elderly owner passed away. =( He was set to be put to sleep for absolutely no reason other than the fact that there was just no room for him. He was rescued by a loving foster family and now he needs your help.

This is in the NYC area.

I just enjoyed reading about him, and I will certainly spread the word for these wonderful people who are fostering him right now.

I sure hope he finds a loving home and soon. He's as gentle as they come, loyal and loving with not a mean bone in his entire body. He's about 4 years old, and 64 lbs.


<img src="http://bp0.blogger.com/_CPKqE7fXOyQ/RpkBZHPVZdI/AAAAAAAAAB8/puLqo9q6wXc/s400/sweets+king.jpg">

<img src="http://bp2.blogger.com/_CPKqE7fXOyQ/RpW_4nPVZWI/AAAAAAAAABE/8hPiCC34hH8/s400/seth%27s+camera+832.JPG">

<img src="http://bp3.blogger.com/_CPKqE7fXOyQ/RpXAD3PVZXI/AAAAAAAAABM/h53PXzmfjQ0/s400/seth%27s+camera+843.JPG">

<img src="http://bp0.blogger.com/_CPKqE7fXOyQ/RpW_JHPVZVI/AAAAAAAAAA8/yWgk-NJO174/s400/seth%27s+camera+826.JPG">

<img src="http://bp3.blogger.com/_CPKqE7fXOyQ/RpW-E3PVZTI/AAAAAAAAAAs/FLIUOFpn-HI/s400/sweets+ice+cream.JPG">

<img src="http://bp0.blogger.com/_CPKqE7fXOyQ/RpW-QHPVZUI/AAAAAAAAAA0/58_5vaAp7jY/s400/sweets+dress-+up.JPG">

*edited to add more pics and info =)
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Postby karini » Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:19 pm

AHHHH, how big is he?? he looks really tall


Postby SashasMyGirl » Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:53 pm

he weighs in at 64 lbs and he's a very tall amstaff! Not sure exactly how tall though

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Postby Allie » Mon Jul 23, 2007 5:18 pm

Beautiful guy! He almost looks like a white boxer...
Reminds me of my Piper boy a bit. Good luck Sweets!!


Postby SashasMyGirl » Mon Jul 23, 2007 5:51 pm

Allie wrote:Beautiful guy! He almost looks like a white boxer...
Reminds me of my Piper boy a bit. Good luck Sweets!!

yes! His body looks so much like a boxer's body!

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Postby CrinkledStraw » Mon Jul 23, 2007 11:24 pm

What a cutie!
I'm rootin' for you Sweets!


Postby SashasMyGirl » Wed Jul 25, 2007 9:40 pm

Here's straight from Sweets mouth hehe -first they said he's 4, now they say 8. I am not really sure how old he is, but anyway here's his adoption flier---

<img src="http://bp2.blogger.com/_CPKqE7fXOyQ/RqZoE8UzmNI/AAAAAAAAAGk/QBIMXE_XqxU/s400/DSC_0007.JPG">

Hi, I'm Sweets!

Breed: American Staffordshire mix
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Age: (approximately) 8-years-old
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes

I was brought to a high-kill shelter and put on a euthanasia list twenty-four hours later (apparently it was too overcrowded, even for a "no concern" dog). I suffer from depression-- my owner passed away a week before my rescue, and I was terribly alone, hungry, and frightened until people discovered me and brought to the Animal Care and Control Center. A nice couple from Williamsburg then took me out of the shelter right before I was to be put to sleep. I've lived with them for 2 months so far, but I need to find a permanent home where I'm the only dog. I am very loving and loyal. My foster owners say I am extremely cute and intelligent, too. I'm already housebroken, neutered, and up-to date with all of my shots and vaccinations. I also have special doggie medication for depression and anxiety, and because I've been through some obedience and crate training, you'll soon learn I am easy to handle and a very mellow pet. I hope you will give me a chance. I am looking for someone who wants a forever-dog, because I dont want to bounce around homes, and it will help me recover if I'm with people who are affectionate and able to keep me for a long, long time.

My foster owner, Jaclyn, created this blog to show off some pictures of me, but also to share details about my behavior and personality. Please read the entries and contact my foster(s) if you would like to adopt me!


There's also going to be a Doggie Social at their apartment this Sunday afternoon/evening so people can come by and meet the Real-Life me. It's going to be a BYOB event, but Jaclyn and Seth are providing food. If you want to attend, just RSVP to Jaclyn or call 917 512 3115. The event will be on July 29th, close-by to the Lorimer stop off the L train.

Thank you for reading my bio!


Contact: Jaclyn or Seth
917 512 3115
jaclynperrelli (at) gmail.com

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