10 month old Pit mix needs home in NJ

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10 month old Pit mix needs home in NJ

Postby Maryellen » Sat Nov 20, 2004 8:06 am

My dog trainer had a client who brought their puppy to class, and the whole family was basically out of control. well, they decided they dont want their puppy anymore as he is too much work. :( so, what do they do, they dump him at my trainers facility and tell her they dont want him. He is 10 months old, black and white tuxedo, and name is Jake. I am waiting for pictures of him. For my trainer to say he is a great dog is like God saying something to you. for she has seen alot of dogs come and go and there are few that she says have great potential . Once i get pictures i will post them here. Here is her email to me:

Hi Maryellen,
I may need help in placing a dog. This dog was in one of our Basic classes not too long ago. The mother of the family brought the dog to class and always had a snotty attitude. The kids were uncontrollable and occasionally the husband would bring the dog. The husband was the best of the bunch of them. They couldn’t’/didn’t want to spend money on training. I always liked the dog. Anyway, now several months later they’re so frustrated with the dog that they’ve given him to Stacey and I to find a home.
Jake is a 10 month old possibly Pit mix. He’s black and white, marked like a tuxedo. He’s marked a lot like Daisy. He’s not a muscular pit mix, he’s built very lean. He almost looks like a sighthound, a Whippet or something. The only thing that would make you think he might have Pit in him is a little bit of the shape of his head.
Stacey has to leave for Ohio and is going to drop Jake off for me to take care of while she’s gone. I can take a picture of him and I can arrange for you to meet him.
Jake can be a pushy, assertive dog. His previous owners told us that they had to kick him when he’s bad. He’s also hand shy. He’s a terrible jumper, jumps on people, counters, tables, etc. At his previous home he would steal and destroy things.
Stacey has been living with him for a few weeks now and she thinks he’d do best with another dog to play with but it has to be “the right dog”. I guess he body slammed her Whippet and she won’t play with him anymore.

I’d suggest an experienced dog owner who will continue on with training and set some parameters for him.

Please keep Jake in mind if you hear of anyone who’s looking for a companion.
I’ll send a picture along when I get him to my house.

Thanks a ton



Postby Dsmman » Sat Nov 20, 2004 9:11 am

I can't believe some people. bungholes. :po:


Postby Maryellen » Sat Nov 20, 2004 10:42 am

the good thing is they gave him to my trainers, which is a great thing. my one trainer does SAR and therapy work with her GSDs and border collie, and the other trainer is an AKC earth dog judge who loves pits and rotties. at least he is in good hands for now.

He will be adopted out once he is neutered if he is not already. He can go out of state to be adopted too.

People are such jerks. at least they dumped him with someone. my cousin found a pit right off Route 80 that someone dumped. he finally got adopted, my vet had him in last night for his checkup and everyone there loved him.


Postby Dsmman » Sat Nov 20, 2004 2:54 pm

Yeah, well I guess the only good part about this story is they dropped the dog off with the trainer. :bully:

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