Trying to save a beautiful Girl

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Trying to save a beautiful Girl

Postby Foster Mom » Tue Nov 23, 2004 9:19 pm

I registered tonight. Little bit of background.....Chyna 3yrs black/white mixed breed non Bully girl, HS adopted, Shela 2.5 yrs Aussie mix girl, HS adopted. Kobi 2.5yrs Red Nosed Brindle AmStaff Fostered then adopted from HS. Chester 6.5yrs Tri Color Beagle, prone to seizures, Fostered then adopted from HS (Humane Society) Jamall,Diablo,&Simmon male neutered felines from HS. One big happy family living in a small town :) :)

Our local Humane Society has very good programs in place for rescue/foster but as we all know the Bull breeds have a difficult time in cages with the canine closeness and the human contact limited. I will not go on about that. Now I will tell you about INDIA, picked up from a back yard tied to a tree, no food, no water....owner taken to lockup in another state and roomate did not want her. India was probably bred in her first year, she is a small 36lbs, tight black/white American Pit Bull. Staff at HS loved her but no one tried to adopt her in June or July and the HS got full and I decided to Foster her to save her. She has been with our entire human and above listed family since then. I love her, she is gentle, quiet, playful, very good with all of the dogs, not trusted with the feline group, her prey drive kicks in when they run. Obsessed with chasing sunlight spots reflected on the wall and will look at a flashlite longingly until you give in and turn it on so she can go in circles to chase the light.
I have been wondering what she would do with a Disco Ball roflmao. Seriously, I have been practicing clicker training with her and will run down all of her knowledge if anyone is interested. Now for the problem:
It is not India, it is my first adopted AmStaff Kobi who is my daughters soul mate and our first experience with a Bull breed. After almost two years with her I am still reading everything I can to understand her. Kobi without any real reason has initiated an attack on India 4 times in 5 months. The first three were broken up quickly with Kobi sustaining surface puncture damage. The fourth was last week at 6 am, I was putting on my shoes, India was staring at the wall looking for light beams, Kobi and Chester was doing their morning wrestling routine (the beagle LOVES Kobi). They wrestled past me, then India and Kobi just turned and attacked her at the shoulder. I was home alone. Bull breeds do not quit when the drive is on.... :crybaby: Kobi is fine, India had lacerations to her front leg but has healed up, loved up. My home is not safe for her, I can not take her back to HS (love her too much). The Director of HS is trying to find a rescue but I need a miracle....she would make a great companion. House trained, crate trained, responds to commands and I can go on and on. She can be seen at, look under Our Pets, she is on the last pages. Her pictures are from when she came in skinny and have not been updated. She is plumper and glossy. Get this out to the community. She still belongs to the Humane Society so anyone wanting to love and be loved will have to qualify. I will deliver her.


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She is very beautiful... Are you able to use a crate and a gate to do the crate/gate/rotate routine or keep them in seperate rooms until another foster or forever home can be found?

Good luck!

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Postby Foster Mom » Wed Nov 24, 2004 7:30 am

That is exactly what I am doing. Yes she is beautiful and such a good girl.
My only fear is that the staff at HS will ask me to bring her back. They are tuned in enough that they might think they know what is better for me.
Bless them all, they try and keep an open mind about the Bully breeds and I have passed along as much behavioral information as I can but no matter how I try and explain that Kobi's behavior is unfortunate but pretty standard, they consider her a "dangerous" dog. Kobi is a big lumpy dog of thousand expressions that is desperately in love with her rescuer, my teenage daughter. Loves cats, all of my 27 neices and nephews and the other four legged girls in the house. India just seems to perk her fight drive just by standing in the room. 90% of the time they play.
I have had India to several adoption fairs in the community but with her tuff muscled appearance she tends to attract people who would never qualify.


Postby Onyxx » Thu Nov 25, 2004 12:33 am


Foster Mom

That is what I keep saying!!!

Postby Foster Mom » Thu Nov 25, 2004 4:45 pm

Trust me - I want to keep India which would make me 3 for 3 on the Foster then Adopt mode. I can not take the risk with her life, one slip up from any family member could result in more pain for my girls and I will not just take that chance no matter how much I love her. Trust me when I tell you that I will keep her close, as safe as I possibly can and loved until I find someone who will let her be the princess that she is. I know that there is someone who will just connect with her.
I took her to the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in the park today and got poor reactions from the masses as usual. I do not get it, she is very beautiful in motion. If you put a mane and tail on her she would look like a "My Little Pony" the way she springs when she steps. It is sad when people jerk there children and little fur ball dogs out of your path and mouth the words "thats a Pit Bull". Scary stuff....ignorance.
Today my house and all souls living with in are warm, full, safe and thankful. My prayers go out to all that are not.

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Postby Foster Mom » Tue Nov 30, 2004 7:13 pm

Please consider India - she is absolutely a love.


Postby pibblegrl » Tue Nov 30, 2004 8:14 pm

OMG-she's a beauty!
I wish I could help...but I am in no position to take on another right now....
I don't have cats anymore either-my house would be perfect for her... :wallbang: :crybaby:
I've been missing my girl that I had to have pts, so has my smooch...but I don't have the finances available to rescue another right matter how much dale begs for another 'girlfriend'.... :sad:
Good luck!

Foster Mom

India's Spay went very well

Postby Foster Mom » Wed Dec 01, 2004 8:04 pm

My girl is a little ill after her spay today but she is such a good girl.
Thanks for all of the feedback from everyone. We will find a wonderful home for her eventually!

I am lovin this Forum!

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Postby Foster Mom » Thu Dec 09, 2004 9:02 pm

Thank you everyone that read this story. India is now among the adopted. A very nice young couple has agreed to be India's parents.
We have met and I approve. There were a few things that I did not like about the sleeping arrangements ( She will find her way into the bed, they already let her lick them to death) The adoption is local so I will be available for questions or if it does not work out I will be here for India.
The couple do not know enough about the breed but in India's vet folder I listed this site for any information they needed to ask about. :peace: :thumbsup:

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India new Mom just called to say!!!!

Postby Foster Mom » Sun Dec 12, 2004 7:49 pm

:clap India is the most special wonderful girl they could have hoped for.
I am picking India up tomorrow to take her to my vet to get her staples out (I miss her and can't waite to let her know I am not gone forever)

TOUCHDOWN. Pitbull Kisses to everyone!

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