Fruits for Dogs

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Fruits for Dogs

Postby raiyo » Mon Apr 12, 2004 1:35 am

What kind of fruits could dogs eat? I mean that is safe for them. I read from somewhere it says that fruits that contains sugar can cause cancer, true? I've only seen bananas and apples served in BARF meals. How come no others like oranges, mango, watermelon, etc.?

Postby MustangGT » Mon Apr 12, 2004 3:28 am

Sorry, I don't have the answer to your question. But I had to laugh when I saw that you put mangos. My dog will eat anything, she's a walking garbage disposal. Once I tried to feed her a piece of mango, she grabbed it up greadily, and then spit it right on the floor, got a confused look on her face, sniffed it, and then ran off. lol I think that most fruits are fine with dogs, but I'm not an expert.

Postby wndrtwns04 » Mon Apr 12, 2004 9:32 am

Good question because I wanna know too! My dog eats all things; grapes, melon, pineapple, apple, star fruit, etc. With 3 small children that love to drop food, he gets it so fast I am not sure that he chews long roflmao enough to have any idea what he is eating.

Postby barbponys » Mon Apr 12, 2004 12:52 pm

Most fruit is good for dogs, I haven't had any problem with it. Hmmm, sugar causes cancer?? I'm thinkin we are all in big trouble. Real acidic fruits are good for PH maintenance if you feed straight dry food. Pineapple is good for poop eaters too.

I don't give my dogs grapes, there's an enzyme in them that can cause liver and kidney damage. I would imagine it would take a large quantity but I err on the side of caution. If there is already a challenge with those organs I would not feed even a little. I also avoid the highest sugar fruits, watermelon, peaches, etc. My dogs LOVE mango, drool like faucets as I'm cutting it up. Avacodo?? that's another story all together. Blueberries and cranberries are a good addition to veggie mashes, my dogs will actually pick blueberries off the bushes in the front yard, not to mention stealing apples from the tree. The pug porks out during cherry season, I have 3 of those on our property............sigh.

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Postby kendall » Mon Apr 12, 2004 6:07 pm

Barbponys, when they steal apples from the tree, do your dogs eat the entire thing, seeds and all?
I've read that the seeds and bark of apple trees can be poisonous to dogs, especially since apple seeds have small amounts of cyanide in them.
Last Thanksgiving we had a run in with what we THINK is an allergic reaction to apples. I went outside to see Levi (he had been playing in the yard while I was cooking) and his entire face and head had swollen to about 2X it's size, a blood vessel in his eye had burst from the swelling, he was vomiting a lot, and he had hives on his back and hips. I knew it was an allergic reaction to something, so I gave him some diphenhydramine (Benadryl), and the swelling went down in a few hours... but boy was I scared.
After retracing everything we did with him that day we figured it was the apple he had. He sat down and ate the entire thing (at the time I didn't know the seeds were bad). After looking it up, turns out the seeds can be very harmful and symptoms are swelling of the face and gums, vomiting, and hives (which in this instance are about the size of your thumbnail).
The meat of the apple is fine supposedly. I was wondering if you'd ever had any adverse reactions??
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Postby kazuo » Mon Apr 12, 2004 6:46 pm

I heard grapes were bad too. Here's a link to some info.

May want to be careful with those.

Bananas are about the only thing we've tried so far. I am also interested to hear what else is ok to feed. It seems like seeds in general are not recommended.
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Postby moto1320 » Mon Apr 12, 2004 8:11 pm

Holy sh*t, Daisy loves grapes :inlove: . Thank god we haven't ever given many...that's the end of that. Thanks for the posts guys, I had never heard of that!
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Postby barbponys » Mon Apr 12, 2004 9:35 pm

I've never had any trouble with apples. The seeds are bad when the apples fall and start to ferment on the ground, or old ones on the tree. I would imagine if you had a dog that is allergic to them there would be much more of a reaction. They don't get that many off the tree, but I do give them apples regularly, just the flesh. I had a boxer that would eat dozens of apples, usually 4 or so at a time, whole, then throw them up. Such a nice gift :roll:.
The horses get them whole, lots of them, and I've never had any trouble. They don't, however, get old or mushy ones.

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