Sydney update

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Sydney update

Postby samnsyd » Thu Apr 29, 2004 1:27 pm

Previously I posted that my pit bull Sydney is having 4 surgeries this summer. Complete joint replacement of both hips and both elbows. Well Tuesday she had her first hip replacement. Things went pretty well although there was one complication. She has some (hopefully temporary) nerve damage in her leg. It seems to be getting better already, but we have a few weeks to go before we know if it will resolve completely. She's coming home today!!!!!!! I've missed her so much even though I've visited her twice a day every day! My pitador (lab/pit mix) Samantha has been doing pretty well until this morning, she's really gotten depressed today so she'll be really excited when her sister comes home today!! After she heals from this one, we start all over again on her second hip :( But hopefully after all 4 are done, she can lead a totally pain free life for several more years.
amanda samantha and sydney


Postby Boo439 » Thu Apr 29, 2004 1:56 pm

That's good news! Hopefully she'll come through the other three surgeries, as well...


Postby Jeff » Thu Apr 29, 2004 2:02 pm

Paws are crossed over here. I hope it goes well. Please keep us updated.

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Postby CinderDee » Thu Apr 29, 2004 8:36 pm

That's great news! :thumbsup: Good luck with the other surgeries.



Postby jmann4 » Fri Apr 30, 2004 11:06 am

Good luck. Hope she comes out better than ever!


Postby katsola » Fri Apr 30, 2004 2:01 pm

I am glad to hear she's coming home and doing well, good luck on the other surgeries.

"Pitador", I like it Maya is one too.

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