Reformed Person Part 2


Reformed Person Part 2

Postby NYnative » Thu Jan 13, 2005 8:24 am

Sorry about putting this in here but last night I couldn't reply on the thread where I was to tell you about my "reformed" status. Here we go:

I used to be terrified of pitties. As early as 2002 I would cross the street if I saw one. Then something happend. I watched an episode of Animal Precinct. This pittie was minutes away from death from starvation. As the officers pulled off his blanket he wagged his tail. I felt like someone had hit me in the chest with a sledge hammer. I could not figure why this poor baby would do this being that he was starved to death.

Anyway, to make a long story short...I had a job that I had computer access to 8 hours a day. I went to every website possible to study the breed and it's character. I still surf pittie websites and am constantly on PBRC and Badrap.

I can now not picture my life without my bullies. They are always happy to see me and even when I just look at them they wiggle all over. I am always trying to educate those who think they way I used to.

I think the hardest part of bully ownership/friendship is the constant need to defend your babies. Living with dog aggression is a challenge but I have learned to regulate them and keep the peace. Their body language was difficult to learn too since they don't act like other dogs when it's time to rumble. Hell I even learned how to safely use a breaking stick.

Thanks for letting me tell my story and I'm glad I found this board. I am looking foward to learning more from you guys. Thanks to Idog I have learned alot but I need a pittie specific board since there are so few of us bully lovers on I dog. 8)
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Postby Tori » Thu Jan 13, 2005 8:38 am

Awsome.I thank Animal Precinct for helping to change your mind. The rest of those shows I don't care for as they are not pit friendly. Animal Precinct is a awsome show.

Postby concreterose » Thu Jan 13, 2005 10:05 am

What an awesome testimony! This breed will do that to ya! Welcome to the board!
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Postby Boo439 » Thu Jan 13, 2005 11:37 am

concreterose wrote:What an awesome testimony! This breed will do that to ya! Welcome to the board!

Ditto :)

Postby Noriko525 » Thu Jan 13, 2005 12:25 pm

That's so great to hear! I wish more people would take the time to do what you did! We sure are fighting an uphill battle but its so wonderful to know that people can and do have a change of heart!!!! :thumbsup:
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Postby NYnative » Thu Jan 13, 2005 1:35 pm

Ya, I just read the story of Windsor Ontario's law to kill all pitties. I posted on the advocacy page on Idog that I would be willing to help with the underground railroad even though I am at least 17 hours from the province. Hell, I'd take sick leave to transport pitties. Except for my stance on spay and neuter I don't think there is anything so dear to my heart right now. You can even say they go hand in hand since the back yard breeding of pitties may have caused this problem in the first place. :bully:
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Postby ktangell » Thu Jan 13, 2005 2:27 pm

WOW! :thumbsup:
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Postby pitbullforever » Thu Jan 13, 2005 4:51 pm

:welcome: thats a great story i'm so glad that you changed your mind about the breed. :))
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Postby kernel scurry » Thu Jan 13, 2005 5:27 pm

welcome! :)
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Postby Saint Camilla's Mom » Thu Jan 13, 2005 6:36 pm

How wonderful you are for having such an open mind and heart. Like you I was afraid of pit bulls too. Who wouldn't be with all the stuff you hear about them? I wondered WHY anyone would have such a mean dog in the first place...unless of course they were not too nice themselves. But my nephew has a lovely rescued pit bull, Sadie, who is so sweet with what she puts up with from him. And we have some friends, acquaintances really, who are BYBs with their female, Chance. Also there is Rowdy who belongs to some friends of ours after they adopted him from the animal shelter. I know these people and they're not horrible people.
I started looking on web sites too, to try to find out more, maybe get a truer picture. I watched Animal Precinct and started to feel really sorry for the pit bulls. (My son forbids me to watch it anymore because I always cry. :crybaby: ) But I watched a program on Animal Planet called Adoption Tales. There was the story of this heartbreakingly sweet pit bull named Carla. I absolutely FELL IN LOVE! I wanted Carla myself! But she was happily being adopted by a lovely couple...the woman was as sweet as Carla was herself...what a perfect match. But I've stayed in love ever since. Now I have my beautiful Saint Camilla and already she is making people notice what a sweetie she is. When she was tiny (and had fans everywhere we went) I would watch people draw back, startled, when I said she was a pit bull. Then they would look into her sweet face and be unable to resist loving on her some more. My vet was a little uneasy with the idea of her being a pit bull at first. But he told me when she was there to be spayed what a treasure she was and how the entire staff had fallen in love with her. Yes, indeed, she's a saint on her own little mission.
Saint Camilla's Mom

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