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aye brothers and sisters ,and moms $ dads

Postby wdninjn » Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:20 am

Im Larry , my owners name is Rosy,shes' an 11mo, apbt.She pretty much chose me,a friend had bought her on a whim and at 4 mos decided she was not for him.It was July 2nd my birthday is the 6th. Russ saw how much she liked me and asked if I would like to keep her ,I said yeah but was not in a position to care for her I am homeless and have lost every thing and all I have going for me is a part time gig at my friends barbershop sweeping floors.Rosy made it loud and clear that she was coming with me and I have never in my life seen a dog more dedicated.I have had pit breeds since i was 16 im now 42.My first pitbuddy was Butch,his cousin Willy killed a small child in morgan hill ca where I lived in the late 80.s I knew that dog too. It was a very sad time.But6ch was pretty aggressive his dad randy looked out for me as a kid and butchy loved me he took to me right away used to curl up on my lap and guard me when i was over there were some pretty hard charactors would come by and i never had a reason to worry. Butch made me fall in love with pits and that will never change,you can imagine the things we heard back then ,I wouldnt fall for it then and never will.Rosy is pretty special and folks who come to the barbershop notice it, every one who has met her has said so ,figure 5days a week xs4chairs1half hr per client x8hrs a day=lots of people.She is so calm with kids and friendly with adults every one asks about her .Rose got hit lil more than 2 weeks ago and Ed put a jar with her pic on the counter and the jar is full,Baby has a fractured pelvis and a torn lung the lung is almost good enough for her to get the pelvic surgery.Some friends brought us an Eddies wheels cart for her today,praise GOD she is gonna be fine. this is just a tip of the ice burg , there is much testimony to share already and I can only imagine how much more to come/no I cant, its crazy this is us love us or hate us GOD BLESS all of you :thumbsup:[img]ill figure out the pic thing someday

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Postby Kingsgurl » Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:34 am

Hi! You will need to post your own intro or no one will notice this and grant you access (wdninjn)

Welcome to the board

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