Postby pibblegrl » Fri Jan 21, 2005 5:15 pm

I'm Candi...
Dale the Smooch is my service dog and he is best friends with my daughter Emma...
We are moving again....so I will be in and out for a while then I will be back....Hopefully withdrawls from PBF aren't as bad as withdrawls from quitting smoking.... :tongue:

I'm just gonna stop here and leave it short and sweet!


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Postby violet » Fri Jan 21, 2005 11:03 pm

hmm..well I am an old timer by age at least. I am in my 30's and was introduced to Pit Bulls first by my husband of 13 years and then a friend whom I work in rescue with. I got my first Pit Bull, Maggie, 6 years ago.She is now 10. I also have a nasty tempered 7 yr old chihuahua, a big goofy Shep x and a great dane mix foster puppy. I also have birds, cats, fish and a rat.
I am a home health care provider and do rescue work as my hobby. Or basically I work to feed and vet my critters and all the ones that pass through my hands.
I am also the Mother of 5 human type creatures.

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Postby Wednesday » Sat Jan 22, 2005 2:14 am

Hi everyone,

I did an informal introduction just before this "Introductions" section started, and since I am sure it is lost somewhere amongst the shuffle of posts, I thought I'd give you all another quickie.

My stage name is Faflanda, and my real name is Amanda. Notice how they sound simiular :tongue: I am 26 years old and live with my man, and our two pibbles, Brandy and Koya.
Brandy is 12 years old and striving. She was my introduction to this breed although I didn't know it at the time. I thought (and so did my man when her adopted from the shelter) that Am. Staffs were some lovely, exotic breed that I had never heard of. Sadly, when people would comment on how she looked like a pitty, I wisely corrected them by pointing out that she was an Am. Staff, not a pit bull. :roll: Oh well, I gladly admit it now.
I realized that I had a pit on my hand when I decided to adopt another Am.Staff named Stella. She had many issues that required work, and research. As I began searching on the net for breed info, I realized that Am. Staffs and pits were the same. Discouvering that, I became a proud mama determined to do right, to make them pitty role models to all my friends and family who had preconcieved notions about the breed. My pups managed to always win the "non-believers" over.
Stella passed away this past December. It broke our hearts, and although we wanted to wait quite awhile before adopting another, we knew that we were facing the propsed BSL in this area and time was limited. We looked at a lot of dogs, but when I saw Koya, she just wouldn't get out of my head. My gut told me to go get her, and we did.
She is a year, and perfectly beautiful. Although adopting another pup so close after my Stella's death was hard, I know that it was worth it.
So, that's my story in a big nutshell. In the least, it will give the newbies
something to read while they are waiting to get on the board. :)


Postby Sheepl » Sat Jan 22, 2005 3:14 am

Yeah this is what we need. lol

HOWDY! *waves*
My name is Jennifer and I`m 16. I`m a junior in high school. A year or so ago I became obsessed with Pit Bulls. This led to an obsession to Terrier breeds in general, and you name a Terrier breed, I can rattle off the size, characteristics, and history of ANY of the 175+ Terrier breeds and strains out there. Ah. :headbang: Yesh. I`m especially fond of working Terrier breeds [ Deutscher Jagdterrier, Fell, JRT, Treeing Feists, Badger Terriers, Lucas Terriers, etc. ]...and I onw my very own Miss Tiger Lily, a 35lb American Badger Terrier who will be turned 2 in March. Her lineage consists of working Jack-Russell Terrier, coursing-line Whippets, rabbit-hunting bred Beagles, and of course, American Pit Bull Terrier. Hmmm more about me. I`m an artist, I draw realism in all media, I love drawing Terriers [ but of course! ], horses, wildlife and portraits the most. Like most teenagers, I like music, my friends, and my family. :)) And Terriers.

Hahaha. That is all. :bully:


Postby dbrat368 » Sat Jan 22, 2005 11:36 am

Hi!! Im not an old timer but I dont remember if I actually introduced myself when I joined soo...

My name is Diana Im 36 will be 37 in March (:wow how did that happen???!! :sad: ) I got my first Pit Bull, Duke, when I was 17. He was the one who made me fall head over heals with this breed and Ive been owned by one ever since. Right now hubby and I have a total of 3 pittys: Jake 6, Amber 3 (therapy dog), and our new pup Bettis (hopefully another therapy dog), and last but not least, Lola, our Shih Tzu whos 16yrs old and runs the joint lol.
Hubby and I are also heavily involved in rescue and try to help any where we can, and always have 1 - 5 or more fosters at a time, 5 or more when we are fostering a litter of pups.
We breed and show Cockatiels and Lovebirds and are owned by 26 birds in total: 1 Molluccan Cockatoo- Angel, who we adopted, 1 Blue & gold Macaw- Mac, 1 Blue Crown Conure- Smoochie, 1 Senegal- Kya, 12 Lovebirds, 8 Cockatiels, and 2 Green Cheek Conures that we are fostering(anyone interested?).
We also own a pet store in NJ ( you almost have to with all the animals we have :) ) We do not sell pups or kittens, instead we try to persuade people to adopt instead, sometimes actually bringing them to our local shelter to help pick out a pet. We sell hand- fed exotic birds and all natural, Organic and raw foods for dogs, cats and birds.
I dont get to post all the time because Im usually catering to one or more of my babies, at the store working (no computer there :sad: ) or at a shelter getting pups out and searching for more foster homes. I do enjoy this board very much when I have the time to be on, and tell all of our customers who own pittys about it. Its been a pleasure getting to know you guys through your posts.. lots of good people on here!!
WOW I think this is the longest post I ever wrote!! lol

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Postby JCleve86 » Sun Jan 23, 2005 10:59 pm

I'll play too...

I've got two Boxer Boos, Molly and Bosco (see avatar) who are just over a year old. I've been a fan of pit bulls for a few years now, after my aunt got one named Boba who I fell in love with, and then I fell in love with the breed. Our dogs are from what many would call a BYB...not really my choice as my mom got a case of "puppy fever" around Christmas time last year and just HAD to have a pup (or two) from a litter that a friend of the family had. Needless to say, they are fixed and I love the little Wiggle Hounds to death. I've sworn to only rescue dogs whenever I get my own, and after working with Graham Diddly (see "Mister Graham" in Rescue section) I can say that I will never buy a dog from a breeder again. Right now I'm starting to get involved in rescue work and I'm hoping to have my own home in a few years so that I can adopt one of my own and foster. I'm currently in the process of getting accepted into PLU's nursing program...and I just got hired on at Safeway. I think that's me in a nutshell...

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