NEW HERE!! Got Pics...


NEW HERE!! Got Pics...

Postby Shindo97 » Fri Feb 18, 2005 10:29 am

Hey al...just found this forum this morning. I am looking for a good group of people that can help a newbie out. Help me be a great owner!!!

Names Brad Marques, and i a Senior Artist/Animator at a video game developer in austin texas.

I have a new 9 week old Fawn Blue/White APBT. Duel Registered. His bloodline is extremely impressive with 90% of his ancestors being Purple Ribbon Grand Champs...including both parents. I am a lucky person.

His name is Busa. ( I named him after the baddest sportbike ever made the Suzuki Hayabusa, one of which i own.)

Here he is!!1




Postby Boo439 » Fri Feb 18, 2005 10:57 am

Welcome to the board!! Busa is very cute. Great name choice. My neighbor has one.


Postby Shindo97 » Fri Feb 18, 2005 11:28 am

thanks!!! cool car.

I am into cars and bikes. I also have a 97 Limited Ed Toyota Supra. ABout 750HP.

THREAD HIJACK!!! here s a pic of the car and bike. There is a story on how busa got his name.

the reason i bought a pitbull was because one day i was cruising around a neirghborhood on my Hayabusa Motorcycle. (fastest production bike ever made) :-0

A loose pitbull who was in a yard wondering heard me and chased my down...before i knew it he had a hold of my pant leg. I was freaking out. i started to speed up..yeah right..he didnt i stopped...and he let go and sat. i was prepared to take off but he just sat starring at me. So i started to revv up the motor to scare him, and he looked at me. I was like what the???

i started to take off and he jumped on my leg again, but only enough to get my pant leg....i am thinking ok...he WANTS me to drag him???? So i go a little and he loved it. I stopped again and let go and sat. I took off and wanted to see how long he would chase me...he followed me all the way to the animal shelter...

here is a pic of the bike and car



Postby Boo439 » Fri Feb 18, 2005 11:40 am

OMG Let me count the ways in which I hate you. lol The Supra is absolutely beautiful!! If I wasn't a Honda person with a low budget, I'd love to have one. I have a Civic that I'm trading in on a new G35 at the end of the year. I'll have to wait for a lottery win to buy any more toys. If I could have -any- bike, I'd like a Ducati. We used to have a CBR600F4 but we had to sell it. My husband says he's been hiding some money from side jobs in hopes of getting another bike. I have a jacket and helmet and nothing to ride. :( Well, enough OT, lol PM me if you wanna talk about cars or bikes. I'm always game. :)

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Postby nessa » Fri Feb 18, 2005 11:40 am

What a darling pup!! :inlove:

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Postby ShadowWolf » Fri Feb 18, 2005 11:49 am

Shindo97 wrote:Image

Now, I'm normally anti-import as far as all things go. Being as I have had the pleasure of working with my grandfather and master mechanic uncle, I love American muscle. I do, however, have a serious soft spot for the Supra. That is one absolutely *beautiful* piece of machinery and in the perfect color! :thumbsup:

I also want to whine about how much I want to steal it and the beautiful pup from you. :crybaby: They're both awesome. Bikes, though, aren't my thing. lol


Fellow engine geek

Postby pit7bull » Fri Feb 18, 2005 12:03 pm

Great to have you here! It's good to have not only another pit lover but also a fellow engine geek. My current ride is a sweet 450hp Ford Bronco.

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Postby cisom » Fri Feb 18, 2005 12:04 pm

WOW! on all three. Welcome

oko pol

Postby oko pol » Fri Feb 18, 2005 12:49 pm

welcome from poland on this forum! nice dog!


Postby Big_Ant » Fri Feb 18, 2005 1:32 pm

Welcome . . . Good Looking Pup. I seen him before.

I love blue fawns. My weda girl's parents were 80% white, 20% blue fawn.

- Anthony

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Postby mypitmika » Fri Feb 18, 2005 1:33 pm

Welcome :hi Awesome pics...and the puppy is adorable!!


Postby Shindo97 » Fri Feb 18, 2005 1:44 pm

YUP...i can tell this is the group i was looking for. Cant wait to post up more pics of Busa, and learn from all of you.


Postby Pitt-terra » Fri Feb 18, 2005 2:04 pm

:welcome: Busa is gorgeous!

Bad A** Supra! :inlove: Lucky dog!


Postby Pitt-terra » Fri Feb 18, 2005 2:06 pm

Meant to tell you nice Hayabusa, to much HP for me to handle.


Postby r2d2 » Fri Feb 18, 2005 10:32 pm

nice markings...

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