Hi! Just adopted a 2 yr old Pitbull!

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Hi! Just adopted a 2 yr old Pitbull!

Postby yaegersnewfamily » Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:34 pm

Hey everyone!

My name is Meia, I'm a 22 years old, engaged and expecting in January! My fiance and I are from Southern California, specifically the Los Angeles area. Recently a good friend of mine was faced with the choice of adopting her pit or eviction from her apartment.. so we decided to reach out to her and invite the dog into our home. As far as I'm aware, from what she has told me, Yaeger is a 2 year old, male ABPT from Texas. Here he is!
Anyways, though we love the breed we really know nothing about it, save for the research I have been doing over the past few days over the internet and my local pet store.

A few more details on Yae:
-He's the calmest dog of any breed that I have ever met, he only gets 'playful' and 'roughhouses' with my fiance (almost as if he knows he's gotta take it easy with me! I say this because his previous owner was also with child and recently gave birth, so it's like he has the experience.)
-He sleeps through the night (though he's a big ol' bedhog!!! lol )
-He's used to being around children and animals, from an early age they had seasoned him to being around other dogs and other animals (cats, rabbits, horses, etc.)
-He eats a regular diet of two cups of food plus crude protein (as per instruction by his vet.. before my friend adopted him as a pup he was very malnourished and underweight, the protein was to bulk him up and now is a regular part of his diet) served with the occasional raw egg. It's what he's been eating his whole life and he's as healthy as a horse.. built like one too, if I might add.
-He's not neutered.. YET. (they were afraid it would alter his personality too much as he is already the calmest dog I've ever met.. but, being that is is law in the county of LA, we have already made plans to get him fixed this weekend, as we JUST adopted him no more than two days ago, we haven't had time to yet.)
-He's crate trained, and his command is 'load up' and doesn't mind spending time in there, though I am home all day anyway while my fiance works.
-He will obey the 'sit' command, 'down', and 'easy'.. but not "always".
-We live in a fairly large, two-bedroom apartment (he has been raised and lived in apartments his whole life), though there are many parks and grassy areas and he gets regular walks several times a day.

Anyway.. to sum it all up, Yaeger is one of the best dogs we've ever had, and we have fostered quite a few. We plan on making him a permanent resident in our home. I just want some input from all you experienced pit owners out there on having one in your home, further training, and safety tips (as we are expecting a baby I want to make sure Yaeger will be a great fit). I hear both the bad and good about the breed, but I firmly believe that it's all about the upbringing and the way you handle any animal that predicts the type of personality. Please share your input! :)

Thanks! :thumbsup:

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Re: Hi! Just adopted a 2 yr old Pitbull!

Postby jrowephoto » Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:59 pm

wow, congrats on such a gorgeous new dog! He's beautiful!

I also just recently got my first APBT, she's 11 weeks old now. It seems Yaeger's off to an amazing start and it should be all down hill from now. There's tons of great information on this site , and others who will pipe in giving you amazing information as well. Stick around and post tons more pictures. :D

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Re: Hi! Just adopted a 2 yr old Pitbull!

Postby spammie » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:02 pm

Welcome to PBF. Thanks for giving the boy a home.
Read all you can on apbt ownership, both here, pit bull rescue central and badrap. ok, that's 3places 8)
Ask questions as they come up.
As for the baby, never leave any dog alone with a child.... poodle, pit bull or golden retriever.

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