Anybody have any rescue contacts in Kansas??

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Anybody have any rescue contacts in Kansas??

Postby Sberg » Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:06 pm

A rescue friend of mine just picked up three Pit Bull/American Bulldog mixes tonight. They were living in a van in Ellis, KS. She lives in a small house with her 5 other dogs, so her fostering them is not ideal, but she can manage in the meantime. There is a 3yr. fixed female, 2yr. intact male, and an 8mo. intact female. The youngest one is the daugter of the two adults. The male needs an experienced owner, while the two females are very sweet and submissive.

Just wondering if anyone has any contacts in Kansas that can help out? Just trying to get the word out about these guys. Thanks in advance.

Here are a few pics, not the greatest quality, but will do.

Male dog:

Older female:

Younger female on left, older female on right:

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