I'm Abbey's mom - LA


I'm Abbey's mom - LA

Postby gentle_storm » Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:15 am

Hi there,
I just happened upon this site while looking for a description of "puny," which I was called (I think endearingly) by my boss tonight. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and pit bull, Abbey. We're a small, happy family, although I have been looking for a playmate for Abbey.

4+ years ago we adopted Abbey into our lives. She was two y.o. at the time, and so full of puppy we were constantly laughing at her. She's six now, and still very much a puppy! At the time we were looking for a dog similar in temperament and size of our friends' dog, Lilly. We would often dog-sit Lilly when our friend went out of town, and we loved having her here. At the time we didn't know she was a pit bull; we just loved her. When I found a dog that looked just like Lilly - just a shade or two darker - I did everything I could to make her part of our family. It was very important that she and Lilly get along because we LOVED Lilly. They looked like twins next to each other!

After adopting Abbey, my husband and I quickly learned how bad of a reputation pit bulls have in the US. People would bad-mouth us in the neighborhood while taking walks, we were told we couldn't switch home insurance providers because of her breed, and we have been asked to leave more than one city because of BSL. This stigmatization frustrates me so much! However, the reality that this breed is so misunderstood and misrepresented only inspires me to love them more. I am a strong advocate of pitties because I have experienced their true nature - not only in Abbey and Lilly, but in other pups, too. Gentle, loving, loyal and playful; smart, obedient, cuddlers and athletes. Although I haven't gotten into the training (agility, performance, etc.), I have a strong interest in advocating for their status as therapy dogs. I am also a strong advocate for the breed in general.

Outside of Abbey and what she brings to our life, I'm also interested in painting, organizational development, reading, and most outdoors athletics. I'm currently working at a women's homeless shelter as the Vocational Program Coordinator (developing programs/processes to increase women's employability & help them increase their income) and Organizational Developer (helping the non-profit organization to create some structure across all of their programs, facilitate strategic planning processes, and actively encouraging the planning process before endeavoring into new projects). I love my job, most days.

I tried to attach a picture of my pup and husband, but am unfamiliar with this program. I'll have to try again another time. Oftentimes people will ask if Abbey is a red-nosed pit, and I do think she resembles many I have seen, but I don't know for certain. Whatever she is, she's gorgeous - both in appearance and in spirit!
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Re: I'm Abbey's mom - LA

Postby Curly_07 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:42 am

Welcome! I can't honestly say how happy I am you're here! I think you will fit in great here :)

As for the coloring of your baby, we would need to see pics. Red nose just means the dogs nose is red, like I'm blue eyed means nothing really about me except I have blue eyes.

To do pics, you need to use something like Photobucket on the computer, or Tapatalk app on a smartphone. I prefer Tapatalk personally.

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Re: I'm Abbey's mom - LA

Postby spammie » Thu Mar 15, 2012 4:54 am

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