Hello from Portland, Oregon


Hello from Portland, Oregon

Postby 2trakehners » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:54 am

My name is Tracey. I own 2 rescue dogs (a 150 lb great dane and a 10 lb terrier), 4 horses and a cat. About 6 months ago accidentally started fostering a 50 lb, female Pit Bull named Burrlyn for a rescue organization that pulls dogs from the county shelter who are scheduled to be euthanized. Burrlyn was down to her last 12 hours. I thought I was fostering a great dane mix puppy, but at the last minute Burrlyn arrived.

I was afraid of Pit Bulls so this was not a welcomed foster. And I knew nothing of the breed so I've had to overcome my societal instilled fear and learn along the way. I am also not a dog trainer, I just try to be consistent and have always had dogs that were willing to train themselves. I know so little about the breed that I just dropped this forum resulting from a google search on the "Zoomies" - an issue that plagued me for months until I figured it out. At my house, I call it "the happy dance".

So I'm eager to have a resource of other Pit owners to learn from, as I have learned one thing. When you foster a Pit Bull it means, in realty, that you just adopted the dog :)

Burrlyn is a beautiful, wonderful, smart girl who is a little bull headed. She has become one of the family and continues to impress my guests and relatives. In her short life she had two previous owners who actually had taught her things: she kennels easily and quietly, sleeps thru the night in her own bed, is great in the car, knew "sit" and would come to her name. She was microchipped, yet neither owner responded to calls from the shelter. And she is gorgeous - a darker brindle with tall white stockings.

As for me? I have a 10 acre farm, a full time job with a technology company, but I work at home so I can be with the dogs and horses and save 2 hours of driving and fuel consumption. My farm is perfect for dogs as it is totally fenced and the dogs basically have their own dog park. I could not have kept Burrlyn without that capability - she's too hyper. I'm an active Dressage rider and 2 of my horses are rescue horses, one is my 30 year old retiree. I don't have children, so I take care of animals instead. They are my day to day family, and have made a huge difference in my life. Burrlyn cracks me up with her loyalty, adoration, and her zest for life. I, for one, am happy she has hers.

Thankful to be part of the forum, and looking forward to chatting with you all.
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Hello from Portland, Oregon

Postby AllisonPitbullLvr » Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:07 pm

Welcome!!! Thank you for rescuing!
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Re: Hello from Portland, Oregon

Postby Naomi » Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:17 pm

That is a beautiful story. So glad she taught you what pitbulls are really like :-)

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Re: Hello from Portland, Oregon

Postby spammie » Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:03 am

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