hello everybody


hello everybody

Postby Wittn » Sun Mar 13, 2005 6:41 am

yo peoples :headbang:

i am wittn
i'm 17
i live in belguim,
i am a student, living with my parents, daaaaaaamn :sad: :po:
i cant have a pit bull right now, they think that the breed is much to dangerous, and stuff
i just think that, de dog's boss, makes the dog dangerous,
not the dog himself...
a bull has always a reason to attack...
i dont think a bull attacks a person, just for fun... he must have a reason

Here in belguim, there has been a few attacks,
and they always seem to say that the there dog, became aggresive without any reason...
pretty weird huh...

when you read those things in the paper, or hear abaut it in the news,
dont blaim the bull 2 fast,
you first have to know the whole story, and eventually, you can know with more then half of the attacks,
that its was not the bull's fault, but the person in general.

But ofcours, you can have a attack, where the bull is very aggresive,
and yes, the person did nothing wrong 2 the bull by any means...
But then ALL animals can be aggresive, and attack his boss
even the smallest poedle...

So i think...that you have 2 read as much as possible 2 learn allot about the breed,
so you can act correct, in a special situation
and lett him grow up 2B, a nice and friendly dog...
But i think you have 2 still keep a close eye, at your bull
Becouse there can always happen something unexpected.
so the bull has 2 have allot of attention and love from his boss...

Here in Belguim, politics descus about the bulls, and bring them down as a dangerous aggresive killing machine.... :sad: :sad: :sad: its sad...

I really want a pit bull, becouse i think that it is the most beautiful breed of all dogkinds, but i dont know what kind of breed yet,
thats why i'm here, to learn allot about the breed in general,
and to pick my dreambreed out,
and with a bit of luck, i can have my own bull :) :) :) 8)

Right now, i have a bearded dragon (reptile)
reptiles are very beatiful 2, and you can learn allot about them 2
here is a pic of Turbo, my bearded dragon:

Allot of people, take down reptiles 2 here
everybody thinks its much to dangerous and stuff
but Turbo is actually a very nice and sweet reptile
he even licks your ears when he's on your sholder chilli'n :))

grtzzz WiTTn...


Postby tjbsandy » Sun Mar 13, 2005 8:44 am

Here in Belguim, politics descus about the bulls, and bring them down as a dangerous aggresive killing machine.... its sad

That is how it is here too. I think that's how it is everywhere. :sad:

But you sound like a very intelligent, free thinking person, and we are happy to have you here! You'll find that many of us have reptiles on this forum too!



Postby Boo439 » Sun Mar 13, 2005 9:32 am

Welcome to the board!!

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Postby X-girl » Sun Mar 13, 2005 12:15 pm

Welcome! What a nice intro! Thank you for taking the time to write something like that.

There are several members that also love reptiles, you will find many friends here!


Postby melkissa » Sun Mar 13, 2005 12:18 pm



Postby Kaytlin » Sun Mar 13, 2005 12:42 pm

I love bearded dragons!! :welcome:

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Postby Noriko525 » Sun Mar 13, 2005 2:38 pm

:hi Welcome!

oko pol

Postby oko pol » Sun Mar 13, 2005 3:50 pm

welcome! :thumbsup:


Postby JustALovePuppy » Sun Mar 13, 2005 3:58 pm

*waves* HELLO FROM CANADA here.

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