Hello from PA


Hello from PA

Postby Chance » Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:06 pm

Hi Folks,

My name is Kevin. My wife (Kimberly) and I have a house full of cats (6) and until recently no dogs. I support SPCA and Rescues and subscribe to many on facebook. About a week ago the Brooklyn SPCA posted a picture of a 1 year old pitty that was to be put down because he was unwanted. He was labeled a stray. I don't know why, but his picture just touched my heart and I felt really impressed to save him. As it turned out I had only seen the ad the night before he was to be put down. I worked with a rescue to get him pulled and ultimately transported to Philly so we could bring him home 3-4 hours later. He was obviously someone's family pet and was simply "thrown away". What a waste of a great dog. He is very smart and knows several commands already and is well behaved around people, other dogs and doesn't beg for people food. My challenge, and why I joined is to learn how to socialize him with our cats and restrain his prey drive around them.

We live in a small town and currently have a corkscrew type stake in the back yard with a 30' cable that he can play on until we get our fence put in. Working on getting the supplies this weekend.

Since picking him up on Friday, we traveled to the NJ Motorsport Park for 2 trackdays Monday/Tuesday, Had a parade in town today and fireworks tonight. He is a great traveler! He doesn't care for riding tractors, dry clutch motorcycles or fireworks, but it's a learning experience for us all. :)

We named him Chance as he looks a lot like the dog from "Homeward Bound" and is just as uncoordinated and dopic as the movie dog. He was checking the house out, came flying down our stairs and did a pile driver into our front door. Promptly shook himself off and took off again. lol

I grew up with dogs, but haven't had one most of my adult life, I "thought" I knew how to train or socialize a pet, but after reading some of the great information on the board, I can see I was wrong on some points and have so much more to learn. I look forward to reading more.

My boy Chance:
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Re: Hello from PA

Postby Curly_07 » Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:51 pm

Welcome and thank you for adopting/rescuing this guy! I think Chance is a perfect name :)

You may want to read the "2 weeks, give em a break!" Thread in training. It will probably help you tons! Especially with the settling in and getting used to the cats things. Right now he needs time to settle and learn you are his people. Don't rush it, it'll only prolong or make things worse in the long run. I think there are some threads in training as well about cohab with cats. Once you are approved, do a search. If you can't find anything helpful, start a thread and we can help ya out. Slow intros and done positively are the best. I wish yall the best!

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Re: Hello from PA

Postby Megan » Thu Jul 05, 2012 7:47 am

Just wanted to say Congrats, goodluck and welcome!

I recently (back in April) contacted a rescue to step up and foster a female from Manhatten who called out at me, and was on the urgent lists too. We have some GREAT rescues in the area, who are very dedicated to pit bulls. Just curious--who did you work with?

I too highly suggest the 2 week shut down. I can say first hand that it was great for my foster, and I really got to see her personality shine. It's not too late to start! Chance was in a VERY stressful place, was transported a pretty long distance, had fireworks to deal with (very stressful on a lot of dogs) so a 2 week shut down would highly benefit him, and let him destress.
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Re: Hello from PA

Postby Leslie H » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:30 pm

Another thumbs up for the 2 week shutdown. Chance is gorgeous.
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