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My name is Joseph I am currently in the USAF stationed in NC but will be getting out in Sep 2012 and moving back to my home State MA. I don’t agree with MA's dog laws but I must move back I miss my family. I have been saving dogs from the streets in NC for a year now in that time I " Acquired " a few dogs from bad owners and have been given a few from people in my town because they where un able to take care of them or give them the love that they deserve. My first experience with a Pit-bull was not good I was walking an X woman’s Pit with my Lab and the Pit got a hold of him my lab who is still alive but he is missing an eye and one side of his mandible jaw. Today my Lab is a very happy dog the disability does not affect any part of his life. I did not put the Pit down because I knew the incident was my fault instead I gave him to a well known legitimate Pit-bull Breeder in NC. Why was it my Fault you may ask... my Lab was not fixed and the Pit was a Rescue that was raised for breeding also no fixed I had no intentions of breeding just wanted to give him a good home. After the incodent I vowed to never have a Pit or be around them again. Three months later I was given an opportunity to save a Lab pit mix, I knew that I had to learn about Pits before I saved him so I did allot of research and took him in the four month old pit and named him Tanner. That was 8 months ago to this day I have made sure that he was properly trained and most of all that I was trained and had the knowledge needed to make sure I could keep my Pit safe and extremely friendly. Tanner is fixed and gets along perfect with my Other Dogs. I have Three other dogs that are mine Forever a Female Black Shepherd who is my pack leader, The Male Lab that I talked about, and a Female Mountain Cur. They are all fixed/Neutered and I have had no issues at all in fact they are all best friends and play off leash with no issues. I learned that Pits are one of the greatest dogs created as long as the owner has the knowledge needed to make his Pit happy and non-aggressive. My intro may make some people angry because of what happened but all I have to say is I love dogs more than most I know that I made a mistake and am able to admit it and I learned from it took the blame and gave the Breed another chance. I have saved over 15 dogs and found homes for them, none of them came from shelters I found them on the streets or they were given to me because people know how much I truly love dogs and how well I care for them.
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First, thank you for your service to our country. :thumbsup:
I don't think there's anybody on this forum that hasn't made a mistake before, some quite serious. This is a place where we learn from each other.
I'd like to ask, do you separate your dogs when you leave? I only ask because this is a common mistake, and folks come home to an injured or dead dog. You never know when a scuffle will occur.
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