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Hi there!

I'm Seth I'm a 26 year old future pit bull rescuer. I don't have the resources to open a rescue but I WILL be adopting one or two from the local shelter. I've only actually lived with three individuals of this breed in my life. The first was a Rott/Pit mix by the name of Trouble and the second was a full blood white pit names Sabbath. Both the first two experiences were when I was a kid and my parents were (still are) the WORST dog owners in the world who believe training their dogs properly is breaking their spirits. I'm by no means an expert in training dogs and learned how much work it is with the third pit experience Ra a Golden Lab/pit mix he was found wandering in the Chattahoochee (sp?) forest near my mothers house and she gave him to me. I loved him, but didn't have the discipline to train him properly and ended up giving him up to a neighbor who wanted him in the worst way. Last I saw him he was living with the neighbors elderly mother and by the goddess he calmed down! lol!!

I've always been a fan of the breed because no one else liked them. I saw them for the beautiful beasties that they are. I tend to like them so much that I make some pitty owners very mad. Like in one case I worked on a dragon riders of Pern RP and as I fleshed out the missing pieces in the Watchwher creature I used pit bull characteristic and compared them to pit bulls. *chuckle* they got Irate with me because the Watchwher is labeled as an aggressive antisocial man eating monster (sounds just like what pit bull haters say doesn't it) never mind that I was trying to show them the "real" Watchwhers (what Todd McCaffrey wrote instead of the two sentences his mother gave them since she hated them) and my love for pit bulls and Watchwhers.

I don't have a current dog, but my brother and his fiancé do. Her name is Loki and she's a mutt, but my brother’s fiancé says (and I agree) there is pit in her.

Otherwise I'm a general animal lover. I'm currently rescuing two clownfish and searching for a job. My fiancé is a cat person and looks forward to us getting hold of a new place so she can have her cat and I can have my dog. I'm an amateur author on Deviant Art http://sethian-motzart.deviantart.com/ I am ADD and have never fully finished a novel, but I did finish several species sheets loll I have bad grammar and don't always think before I talk, but I am making a solid attempt to fix that problem.
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Welcome Seth! Thank you for going the route of adoption. You will certainly learn a lot and find friends if you stick around long enough. :)
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Re: Hello!

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