Hello From Jack and Charlie's mom


Hello From Jack and Charlie's mom

Postby Pits4everAngels » Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:58 pm

My name is Lisa and i am 30yrs old and live in South Carolina. Ive been lucky to never "hate" pitbulls, in fact ive always loved them and wanted one. I was however reserved on adopting a rescue one(even though all my other pets are rescues, and i myself am an avid rescuer and foster mom and volunteer) as you never know what their history is. Well I was forced out of that reservation when a friend (who hated all dogs and really hated pitbulls) called me one day saying he had found an emaciated and injured pitbull, and if I could come get him. I was shocked to say the least, lol, so i went to go get the sweetheart who would become ASH. he was 30lbs and about 5 yrs old, he had wounds on his head, around his neck, most teeth broken out of his head, and had scars up and down both front legs that look like someone took a knife to him and sliced him up. His body had begun to shut down, everything he ate came back up. After a week of rice and boiled chicken and TLC he started to gain weight. He loved EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, he loved the neighborhood brats(oops i mean kids) when they would all rush up to him and pile onto him and shower him with kisses and pats(i had to teach the children that that was not the proper or safe way to approach any dog). He was my first pitbull, and ive never looked back, and they have all been rescues, lol(go figure), and all mixes but still.
I currently have 3 dogs; Jack-we havent got a clue what he is, MY thoughts were that he was a APBT/Belgian Malanois/Husky mix, however recently i was told about a rare breed(Kalerian Bear Dog) and after researching find it fits Jack in all areas about 95% I really cant wait to do a DNA test to find out. Charlie is about 6 years old and a boxer/pit mix. Sadie is about 6 years old maybe 7 and is a bordercollie/lab mix. I also have 8 cats. Jack is currently learning weight pulling, and soon i hope to be able to start training him for scent work, and schutzhund. And id love to post pictures but i havent got the faintest idea hoow to do any of those photo sharing sites, so untill i figure it out....lol, unless there is another way?
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Re: Hello From Jack and Charlie's mom

Postby jamielvsaustin » Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:25 pm

Hello and :welcome:

Pits4everAngels wrote: I really cant wait to do a DNA test to find out.

Don't waste your money. Unfortunately those DNA tests are rarely accurate-I don't even think some of the companies have ABPTs or ASTs listed in their data base. . There's an old video around here where a lady (who knew exactly what her dog was, and where he came from) found out her dog was part poodle through the DNA test...the dog was very bummed, lol. The only thing DNA test can accurately detect is if one dog is related to another.

Thanks for rescuing!
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Re: Hello From Jack and Charlie's mom

Postby Curly_07 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:27 pm

:welcome: Thank you for rescuing! It's true about the DNA testing...they are not accurate! Don't waste your money, unless you just want to do it for entertainment purposes :)
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Re: Hello From Jack and Charlie's mom

Postby Leslie H » Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:49 pm

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