Hello, life long dog lover of all breeds here :)


Hello, life long dog lover of all breeds here :)

Postby jennieanne » Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:51 pm

Hi My name is Jennifer, I have a family of nine...that is me, my hubby, william and wyatt six year old twins, Waylon a four year old, Trixie a seven year old dashound, Gabe a 1 and a half year old pit bull, Autumn a 3 month old chihauhau mix, and a turtle named Ninja. Just goes to say that I have a pretty busy house hold. To tell you a lil about our pets, lets start with Trixie. Trixie started out as a foster, her previous owners had lost thier home and were unable to care for her. She stayed with me several months while i was trying really hard to find her a new home.....my husband asked one day why not keep her, so she stayed. She has been a spoiled princess from that day, she goes every where we do and has more clothes than me lol. Trixie is the dominant dog in our house.
Gabe is somethin else, we had trixie for three years when we decided to get another dog. I never really had much to do with the bully breed before we got Gabers. I was really worried that he might hurt the kids or tear up everything, but my husband insisted that a pit bull would be a good dog for the kids and that one could be properly house trained. I am so glad he talked me into it cause Gabe is my best bud now. He is teaching a lot of the kids around the neighbor hood that not all big dogs are dangerous too. Every day about ten kids getting off the bus flock around him to give him hugs; he just eats up all that attention.
Now to our lil girl Autmn, she was part of a litter at the local pound. She is some type of chihauhau mixed with god only knows. My sons were asking me for a puppy and i decided to adopt a puppy in need instead of buying one. She is working out pretty well, besides the fact that she is a poop factory! My six year olds are being very responsible and taking care of her; besides medicine and bathing. Her and Gabe have really hit it off too. He will lay on his back and she jumps across his chest and crawls all over him its funny to watch them play roflmao
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Re: Hello, life long dog lover of all breeds here :)

Postby Leslie H » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:18 pm

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