New puppy owner from Oregon!

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New puppy owner from Oregon!

Postby ThreeTails » Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:44 am


I've wanted a dog for years and years, and my husband and I recently decided that now was the best time to go for it. We brought home our little girl a little over a week ago. She's 11 weeks old and 10.4 lbs as of Monday. She's learning quickly to communicate having to go potty. She also knows to stay out of the kitchen and to sit on command and upon coming inside the house. Coming when called and going into her "bed"/crate without being led by a treat are things we're working on. My husband's parents have a good (and old) mutt that we think is pit bull/German Shepard mix, so I knew they were smart, but the stubbornness has been a little surprising!

Her name is Emma, and here's a pic from her first night here. She already looks bigger!

We're both 25 and live in southern Oregon. I chose the name ThreeTails because we also have two neutered boy cats, bringing the tail count to three with our latest addition. The boys were the last two kittens from their litter. We got them over five years ago now, and when we brought home Emma the understanding was if the animals couldn't tolerate each other, the cats were established family members and the pup would have to go. Well I'm glad to report that all three animals can sleep side by side, and other than a few no-claws bops on the head when Emma tries to get the less-tolerant cat to play, it's been even more of a success than I thought possible.

Emma is the most mellow puppy I've ever seen. She loves to be held so that she can nuzzle her head up under my chin. She can get riled up if you engage her, and has yet to understand that she's supposed to walk and run next to human feet and not directly under them, but for the most part she's fine chilling with us! Right now she's lying next to me with her head in my lap and her from legs sticking up and over my arm for some reason. Silly mutt.

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Re: New puppy owner from Oregon!

Postby Curly_07 » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:16 pm

Welcome! Please be sure to read all of the Stickies at the top of each section before posting questions.


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