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Re: Vibration Collar

Postby Rachel&Halo » Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:32 pm

That's neat! I'm looking forward to your videos.

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Re: Vibration Collar

Postby Apbt4life » Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:18 am

sounds interesting, curious..any videos made?

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Re: Vibration Collar

Postby Red » Tue Dec 25, 2012 11:16 pm

Until Kate is able to post some videos here is how I introduce dogs to a pager.
My collar is a Dogtra 280NCP , low to medium power transmitter and with pages.The pager vibrates and it makes a sound like a cell phone on vibrating. It not loud but could cause problems for sound sensitive dogs. Also, it does not adjust in intensity (that is not what the collar was build for) and for some dogs it is best to purchase a collar that only have a pager, since there would be more settings. My favorite collar for deaf dogs is the GT1 by Unleashed Technology, which has 15 levels of vibration and vibration only. The same line also have vibration options but with electric stimulation as a back up.

I picked Jack to try it, since he sound sensitive and can be anxious in certain situation. The collar, just the sight of it, was paired with the clicker and testy salmon treats, til he moved his head into it voluntarily. Then there was some silly play time to see if there was any negative association with it.None, so I had my clicker and food, page and immediately fed. We did this at least 10 time.Not all of that is on the video, not to annoy people with a simple concept.

Then Jack was paged just for doing something like wanting to heel or offered rear end behaviors.You'll see his rear end going down and swinging back and forth a couple of time, trying to figure out if I wanted stepping sideways or a handstand.That told me he was engaged and wanted to work, even with the collar on. After that I used the pager as a marker, for behaviors I asked or behavior he offered.The pager substituted the clicker.With the dumbell he was asked to drop it instead of holding for longer, which is a behavior he knows, to see if the pager was actually telling him that the behavior finished and he could get fed.

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Re: Vibration Collar

Postby tiva » Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:07 am

Like Red, I have the dogtra 280ncp. I wish I'd gotten the Dogtra Element, which came out later, since the collar unit is a bit smaller. Both the collar unit and the unit you hold are completely waterproof and the collar has a 1/2 mile range. For both our dogs, the vibration is quiet enough and mild enough not to worry them. Other dogs may be different, of course!

I don't see a need for variable vibration levels once you've found a collar with a level that works for your dog.

On the dogtra collars, it would be almost impossible to shock the dog by accident.

We had a sportdog collar at first, because it was cheaper, and the quality was terrible. Dogtra has an excellent reputation for longevity and durability and reliability.

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