Hello from Houma, La


Hello from Houma, La

Postby PitbullMomma985 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:34 am

Hey y'all. I'm Nicole and I live in Houma, La with my fiance Levi and our three pit bulls. I'll start out by telling you a little about each of our babies.

Gucci, our big girl, is a 7 year old red nose red that was rescued by a wonderful woman that found her on the side of a canal. Gucci was thrown into a canal in a plastic shopping bag when she was a puppy. She was smart enough to get out of the bag and run for help. After five months of living with the lady, who is a nurse that couldn't care for Gucci like she needed, Levi took her home. She was and still is her Daddy's big girl, always by his side. Now she enjoys relaxing due to her bad hips, she loves sticks and playing with her brother and sister.

Louie, our big boy, will be 2 in on St. Pattys day and is also a red nose red. We got Louie last year at a year old after finding out from his breeder, that his owner couldn't keep him because he was jumping the fence and roaming the neighborhood. We took him home and Gucci fell in love with him. It's was playtime all day long and snuggle buddies during sleepy time. We later found out that Louie had been abused at one point and he's not to sure about men. He's scared to death of Levi and won't go near him unless I'm sleeping or sitting between them.

Cherry Prada, our little girl, is a 19 week old brendle red nose red and also Louie's biological sister. Louie was the part of the first litter and Cherry was part of the third. It's so weird how when we brought Cherry home, when Louie smelled her it's like he knew she was his sister. Gucci wasn't to sure about her at first but now the three of them play tug of war with one rope, it's funny to watch. Our only problem with Cherry is housebreaking, she's being stubborn with it. We brought her home at 13 weeks and I love watching Levi with her, he's never had a puppy this young.

That is a little about my life with pit bull's. I hope you enjoyed learning a little about my beautiful babies.
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Re: Hello from Houma, La

Postby Curly_07 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:23 pm

:welcome: Thank you for sharing some background on your crew! Gucci seems like a doll. Can you tell us a little about yourself so that you can be given access? Do you have any goals for your dogs?
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