Finally time to introduce myself


Finally time to introduce myself

Postby PBandJ » Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:04 pm


My name is Wade and I live up in the state of Washington(SE). My wife Kristen and I just recently rescued a gorgeous pibble from an abusive home. Shes around 6-9 months old from what I have been told. She has a very good disposition. Upon meeting her we took our 7 year old collie/husky mix so they could do a greet a meet before we made the decision to bring her home. I asked the typical questions of was she around cats and/or other dogs? Has she been crate trained? Is she house broken etc. Is she fixed? Sadly the lady who was fostering Lola was unsure of these things.

While we were at the park, Lola picked up and started to chew on a stick, I used this as a chance to check for aggression and slowly ran my hand down her face to her mouth. There was no growling or anything. I then took the stick from her and held it up. She looked up at me at which point I gave it back. I was quite surprised to see no aggressive behavior doing this.

Well, we decided to bring her home to meet the rest of the family. Our two cats. One who is an 18lb baby and doesnt care for new animals very much, the other our "normal" sized cat who thinks hes a do g. She did chase them as soon as she came into the house but not aggressively. The smaller of the two cats quickly turned which caused Lola to stop on a dime, but in the air and head to the ground with a high pitch bark. Those two now chase each other through the house.....

Thus far, she seems house broken as we've had no accidents at all in 3 days, no fights and no aggression about anything. Shes very docile and just absolutely sweet as can be. Over the last 3 days shes learned sit, lay down, leave it and come. She is putting our husky mix to shame with her smarts.

Sorry for the book. We are just so excited to have found some a great addition to our family and felt you all wouldnt mind hearing about it :)
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Re: Finally time to introduce myself

Postby Curly_07 » Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:14 pm

Welcome! Thanks for the thorough intro! Please take a moment to read a sticky at the top area of the Training section called "2 weeks, Give em a break!" I think it will help you tremendously in the long run, and it isn't too late to start :)

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Re: Finally time to introduce myself

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