Hello from Washington State :)

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Re: Hello from Washington State :)

Postby jamielvsaustin » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:26 am

Hi Kelly! Welcome to the board :) Could your husband pick up the new pup in his Cessna? Or would there be too many stops involved to get from NY to where you are?

I've never flown a dog before (when I was younger my parents had our family dog flown to Germany-my Dad was in the military, but I had no part of it) but there are a couple members here who have. Also, there is an airline specifically for this...but they only fly to certain places. A member here-Red-had a foster dog flown to his owner (who is also a member here, can't think of his screen name, but his real name in Vin) through this airline. Maybe you could contact Red and see if she has any info she could share.

I would say the majority of the members here do not like Cesar Millan. When I first came to the board I was surprised about that...but then when I read why, it made sense and my thoughts/ideas on dog training started to change...hopefully yours will too.

Are you aware that Pit Bull type dogs can be aggressive towards other dogs/animals? Even though it sounds like Lucy was not...your new pup could be. Please don't be fooled into thinking you'll prevent it by raising her right. You can do everything the right way, and have her still be DA or AA (dog aggressive, animal aggressive). It isn't a fault, it's pretty typical of the breed. You'll just have to adjust your lifestyle to crate and rotate...never leaving the two dogs alone unsupervised. Lots of members here live this way-myself included. For my home it isn't necessarily a crate that keeps our guys separated. For us it's mostly bedrooms. When we're not home our girl Bailey goes in the master bedroom, our boy Trooper gets the majority of the house and our two cats go in their room. When we are home we use baby gates to separate the dogs.

Hopefully some others will see your intro and post some better suggested books for you. (our intro section have been getting bombarded with spam-it's the only place they can spam us)

Good luck with your new pup!

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Re: Hello from Washington State :)

Postby BabyReba » Thu May 02, 2013 8:40 pm


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