New Pibble Owner


New Pibble Owner

Postby DukSliprs » Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:26 pm

My name is Sarah and I live in Indiana. I teach Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. I also teach American Sign Language online. All my life, I've had big dogs (that is, until we got Bullet - we thought he'd be bigger). As a young child, I grew up with English Mastiffs and Bull Mastiffs. They are the biggest sweethearts! I guess my parents got tired of cleaning up all of the slobber because they just started adopting Rotts and Dobermans. Growing up, the only time I wasn't living with multiple dogs was when I was in college because they weren't allowed in dorms or apartments, but I managed to sneak in little furry rodent friends here and there without anyone every knowing. I think I've owned just about every type of pet from birds to snakes to gerbils to ferrets. We're huge pet lovers. My husband's mom has a farm, but I like to refer to it as a petting zoo. She has an assortment of animals just so she can baby them. Rarely does she ever use any of them for meat. She has horses, chickens, pigs, rabbits, goats, llamas, and even a pet squirrel (whom she saved as a baby and just won't leave so she keeps an open cage for her), raccoons, and a 3-legged deer (whom she also saved when it was young and had it's leg caught in a fence). I even remember when there was a spider in the house and my mother in-law ran to get a baby chick to "take care" of the spider and then promptly returned the chick to the barn.

After getting married, my husband "Bug" and I adopted Solomon, my baby, an English Mastiff. When Solomon was 8, we got Bullet, a pit/boxer/lab mix who was left outside in a box at 10 weeks old in the dead of winter with a sign that read: Save me from the Bullet - so we did, and named him Bullet. Bullet is probably one of the smartest dogs I have ever had (I think the true mutts always are) and he kept Solomon young. Solomon passed away of old age when he was 12 - which is old for a Mastiff! In his prime, he was 207lbs, but he was down to nothing but skin and bones weighing in at 170lbs when he passed. I truly believe that he lived so long due to Bullet, the food we gave him, plus some amazing supplements from Snookdog. He was my baby. I loved that dog! Bullet, on the other hand, isn't interested in even getting his belly rubbed. He'll let you pet his head and back, but if you try to rub his belly, he thinks it's time to play ball. He's smart and a ninja when it comes to the tennis ball - he never misses! We love Bullet, but I really missed having a sweet dog that I can love on.

We went to the pet store one day when they had the Rescue Farm there. I fell in love with Motown, an APBT, but knew we were heading out of town the following weekend and it wouldn't be fair to adopt him and then leave. He had the sweetest disposition and one of the saddest stories. Motown is 1 and was a stray. As he was running away from a police officer, the officer shot him twice - once in the head and once in the leg - in front of 3 small children - and left him for dead. He was shot simply because he was a Pit. When animal control came, they found that he wasn't dead and decided to do surgery to save his life. He lost an eye, but he has made a full recovery. I kept thinking about "Mo," and looked on Pet Finder to see if he was still available to adopt. He was, but I didn't know what my husband thought about getting another dog - especially since we have 2 small children. My husband knew I was in love with that dog, though, and adopted him without me even knowing it and brought him home for my birthday! Mo has been with us since 12/20/13. Bullet is still getting used to him, our one-year old son absolutely adores him, and he's my baby (when he doesn't have the crazies).

We're working on training. He's proving to me a tough cookie and that's why I'm joining this forum. Any tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated! As a one year-old recently neutered stray, he's kind of set in his ways! So far, he knows sit, down, and off. We're working on wait, come, and quiet. I think he has so much potential! I just hope we're training him right. Mastiffs are known to be stubborn and difficult to train. Mo seems so much smarter and capable, but he is definitely strong-willed! I'm looking forward to being a Pibble Mom for Mo and likely more in the future. Like Rotts, Dobermans, and Mastiffs, they're such a misunderstood breed!

Hopefully I did this right. I've attempted to attach links to pictures of my fur babies below:
Motown's Dog Whisperer
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Re: New Pibble Owner

Postby jamielvsaustin » Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:50 am

Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum!
We're happy to have you and hopefully we'll be able to provide you with the information you're looking for. I don't know if having Rotties and Dobes is similar to owning multiple PB dogs (only because I have zero experience with those breeds), but with PB type dogs it can be a little different than you probably expect. I'm sure you're well aware of their past, it's important to know that they were breed for so long to be fighters that some may still have that instinct. There is nothing wrong with your dogs if they do display that sort of behavior-it just means you'll have to up your management skills. If your dogs decide that they don't like other dogs (or each other) you'll need to be very aware (of them and their surroundings).

DA (dog aggression) or AA (animal aggression) are common and acceptable traits in the breeds of dog that fall under the "Pit Bull" umbrella. HA (human aggression) is not and if you have an HA dog most people will encourage euthanasia.

Be sure to look around and read the stickies.
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