Pitbulls Changed My Life


Pitbulls Changed My Life

Postby BigBoss » Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:32 pm

I'm here to introduce myself (and my dogs, naturally).

I am a 29 year old single girl in NC who adores pit bulls.

I never had much of an idea about "pit bulls" previous to owning them. I didn't really think they were all that great or bad, but of course I had heard all the negative stigma. I never really gave it great thought, just figured it was what it was. I remember feeling appalled about the Michael Vick situation, and I felt awful for those dogs. I previously rescued a Great Pyrenees mixed dog, so since then (about 8 yrs ago), I have been very much a proponent of dog rescue as opposed to purchasing bred dogs etc.
Then, a little over a year ago, my life changed.
My brother took a pit bull puppy from a bad situation. He was the "runt" of the litter and was not being cared for properly at all. He was mangey and malnourished. He was supposedly being saved and neglected to become a "bait dog". (ugh!) So, my brother was able to take him from this situation. He went out of town and I babysat the pup, and fell madly in love. My brother was unable to care for him and gave him to me for my birthday. He has been my favorite birthday present ever!! I dove into learning about the breed and of course came face to face with the massive amount of crap that these dogs come under. Since then, I haven't stopped. A few months later, I rescued another pit bull from a gassing kill shelter about 20 minutes before he was to have been euthanized. I fostered him and found him a home. Then I also rescued another former back yard breeder's brood-bitch, socialized her, got her health up to par and also found her an amazing home. Recently I also took possession of an entire litter of backyard bred pit bull puppies and found them all homes (8!).
It has truly become a life's calling for me, and one that I do with great passion and gratitude.

I love this breed because they are the best breed in the world. They are intelligent but they can relax. They are very interactive and inquisitive. They keep you on your toes, because they are so smart, you can't get by being a dummy. They are fun and so extremely loving. They really give back. They smell amazing. I love their coats and their athletic able bodies. Their eyes are the best, and well their big mouths are just awesome. I know any and all of my pits would protect me to the death, but they are not aggressive otherwise. They are great "alert" dogs. They are SO HIGHLY trainable. In fact, they enjoy learning and really, they need it. I've never met another dog that is more attuned to humans than the American Pitbull Terrier. They are forever and always my favorite breed of dog (I have owner many other breeds which are wonderful, but this one is absolutely my personal favorite, and in my opinion, truly the greatest breed of dog that ever lived.)!

My APBT (well, he is not registered, as he is a rescue, but he REALLY resembles one) is certified therapy dog. He knows lots of tricks and has flown on many flights with me (in the cabin). He is an instant favorite with people and he also loves other dogs. The most aggressive things about him is his VERY very strong tail!

I also have horses and another rescued dog, who is a Great Pyrenees mix. He gets along just fine with my pit bull, and in fact he is the "alpha" of the two. He is a very stoic, calm and reserved dog. He really was a boon for my pit bull as he was growing up, as I was able to trust him to teach him manners but to never go too far. I now see that this has been passed along to my pit bull, as I watch him interact with other younger dogs (pit bulls included, both male and female, unaltered or altered etc.)

I do what I can for the breed and for other dogs and animals as well. You can read more at UnicornRescue.com .

Here are some photos of my babies:

Newborn Bully
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Re: Pitbulls Changed My Life

Postby jamielvsaustin » Tue Jan 21, 2014 5:41 pm

Welcome to the forum BigBoss!

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