Hi! I need help raising littermates


Hi! I need help raising littermates

Postby gracem » Sat Jul 05, 2014 1:59 pm

I know.
The problem is we already have them and love them. When we agreed to two puppies we were prepared to double or even triple the costs, training and time since it was more work BUT we didn't realize the bigger problems might be out of our control just by them being together.

Their background is: This nice family owned a few shi tzu's and their older kids came home with six week old blue nose gotti's (allegedly, no paperwork. And I want to add that I know people get up in arms over noseleather being mentioned cause its not a big deal but I just want to throw out everything I know about them). The parents immediately made them put an ad on craigslist where my husband came across it. He initially just wanted the boy, but I fell in love with the girl and we have two very active kids already, and I wanted two dogs eventually so we got them both.

The family was very nice, but also clueless, the dad readily admitted it, they were just happy that they found a good home for both of them even though my first google search showed what a bad idea this was.

So....as far as I can tell the puppies are not overly dependent on each other, they sometimes sleep together but more often than not they sleep separately. I can put one outside alone and it'll happily explore or rest without crying, and the other one will be just fine alone. (Currently Clyde is sleeping in the doggie bed alone while Miss Bonnie's new chosen place is under our bed). Bonnie has the tendency to hide under our furniture, Clyde will go under as well but not as much as Bonnie. Bonnie is a little bigger and when they do play I think she's a bit more dominant than Clyde, I've seen him expose his belly to her a couple of times and she's hardly on her back with him, but she's easier to get to lay on her back in our arms than he is (I read that you should get them to expose their bellies to you so they can recognize you as their leader). I don't think they fight too agressively, they just growl and nibble but it's easy to break them up.

I've only read bad things about raising littermates, but I also read that littermate syndrome is just a syndrome and not guaranteed, so I'm keeping my eye on them, I don't want to wait until it's too late to separate them, but they really do seem not too attached to the other.

Has anyone had success raising littermates? I have a three year old girl and two year old boy, so they're obviously my main concern, I never leave them alone with them and keep reminding them of good behavior and listening to the dog when it's unhappy ( my daughter likes to watch tv with them but they're so little they start whimpering after awhile that they want to get off the couch since they're too small to jump themselves). I tried to research the most recent unprovoked pitbull attacks ( the kfc girl and tina marie canterbury) to see if maybe they were litermates with that pack mentality. My husband and I have already committed to walking them separately and going to training classes/dog

parks separately until they're older, is that enough given that they don't seem too dependent on each other to begin with?

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Re: Hi! I need help raising littermates

Postby AllisonPitbullLvr » Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:05 am

The second half of this article has advice on how to raise littermates :)

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