Me and my Pit Bull Zoe


Postby ZoeDogRules » Fri Apr 29, 2005 7:19 pm

Yes, indoors is not an option :( One time I left her in the laundry room, which is fairly big since it includes space for a sink and then a large cabinet, and she decided she wanted to be in the house so she door off the door trim and made about a 2ft hold in the drywall.

About a week later when she was home alone it started to rain. She has a covered porch and a crate which she can take shelter in from the rain but she decided inside the house would be a better idea and she chewed up the door frame on two doors, about 3ft on each side of the door. Just gone. She even took out some anger on the dryer vent, it now looks like swiss cheese! That day she tried to get out of the garage she first tried to chew through the door door plastic, then the side of the garage door before she realized with enough force she could push it open. I thought about locking it from the outside and leaving her in the garage where she has her own personal couch, but eventually she would just chew up the garage or the walls in there too :(

She is TOO SMART and TOO AMBITIOUS!! I thought about a muzzle too since then at least she could be in the garage, but I'm not sure if that will aggrivate her? I just can't risk her getting out into the neighborhood...when neighbors have tried to put her back she barks at them and they get scared. I don't want to reaffirm the PitBull craze out there!

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