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Postby deuce69 » Fri Jul 02, 2004 8:23 pm

Is ok to mix the dogs food w/ milk... I asked one vet and they said that some dog's stomach's cant handle milk, but if your dog can, then it's ok... on the other hand, another vet said not to.... Any opinions?


Postby chewalotopus » Fri Jul 02, 2004 9:39 pm

If you want to give them dairy, give them yogurt or kefir (it's like liquid yogurt). Their tummies do wonderous things with all the bacteria in them...

Milk doesn't do much good for them - in fact, it will probably give them the runs. :yucky:

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Postby moto1320 » Sat Jul 03, 2004 12:38 am

I let mine have yogurt too, the probiotics help a ton. They really love ice cream so I let them have a little now and again.

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Postby barbponys » Sat Jul 03, 2004 11:36 am

I don't know many dogs or cats that aren't lactose intolerant. They will either vomit or get the runs. I would stick to yogurt if you feel like giving them dairy.

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Postby pitbulliest » Sat Jul 03, 2004 2:12 pm

I've given my dogs milk before...with hasn't done anything bad for them but its true...some dogs may get the runs...yogurt is better..


Postby J-Lo171 » Sat Jul 03, 2004 5:10 pm

i give my little girl yogurt and some times cottage cheese, she's never had the runs. actually she use to get the runs all the time since i added cottage cheese and yogurt to her diet she hasn't had the runs once :headbang:


Postby hyperbole » Sun Jul 04, 2004 1:23 pm

Poplin loves milk. Yogurt too. Doesn't seem to bother him at all... :dunno:


Postby CoalSky » Mon Jul 05, 2004 6:31 pm

I heard before to calm a dog down to use warm milk. One night when Coal was just a wee pup he would NOT go to bed and we were having the toughest time getting him to sleep. I suggested the warm milk thing to my mom, and since we were ready to try anything, did it. Never again. It made him even MORE hyper roflmao

Yogurt though is really good for them! My last dog was on the BARF diet and I fed her home made yogurt a lot and she loved it!

Coal just LOVES cheese too! He can smell it/hear it from a mile away roflmao

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