bug bites!

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bug bites!

Postby daija » Tue Jul 06, 2004 9:12 am

we just got back from a trip down to SC for the 4th, and Daija came back with a bajillion mosquito/horsefly/ant bites, she won't stop scratching/biting at 'em, and some of them are gettin pretty ugly lookin...what can we do to help relieve her itchiness, or what can we put on 'em that won't hurt her if she licks it?? i know how it feels to super itch, we just wanna help her out !!

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Postby barbponys » Tue Jul 06, 2004 10:44 am

Give her some benadryl to stop the itch. How much does she weigh? Usually 1 twice a day will help. I've used cortizone cream on bites, suture sites and stuff like that to stop the itch. Don't use a lot on the bites, just a small dab and rub it in.

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