Little bump...

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Little bump...

Postby Intense » Sat Jul 17, 2004 12:39 pm


I just picked up a 6 week old puppy. I noticed a little bump on her face. doesnt seem to be getting bigger, just thought I would asked here before taking her to the vet.

Sorry for the huge pic.


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Postby damienApbt » Sun Jul 18, 2004 11:32 pm

i saw this post a while ago. sorry no one responded. but i would ask the vet about it next time you take the pup for its shots.

let us know how it goes :thumbsup:


Postby whiskeyman » Mon Jul 19, 2004 5:16 pm

My dogs get those every now and then. My vet said they were probably ingrown hairs and that they would go away. They are always gone withing a week or two.



Postby Modena » Tue Jul 20, 2004 2:10 pm

My dog gets red, and sometimes bloody marks on what I call her chin....and I think that hers are just from toys (irritation). The ingrown hair explanation sounds right though. Let us know if you find anything out.


Postby Fish » Fri Jul 23, 2004 3:22 am

Just wondering if there was an update on this ???

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Postby barbponys » Fri Jul 23, 2004 11:57 pm

Could be an ingrown hair. I had a dog that was allergic to plastic, I changed all his bowls to stainless steel and his face didn't break out anymore. He had quite a few, his chin, jowls, whisker pads, all were affected. It was pretty gross.

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