Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???
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Postby pibbles and bits » Sun Aug 15, 2004 1:21 am

anyone know of puppies around dallas texas that could be adopted for cheap?

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Postby Motodiva » Mon Aug 16, 2004 6:18 pm

See, the thing is, there is no such thing as a cheap dog. Even though I paid a small adoption fee for my pup, within a week she was into me about $500. First, it's the food, beds, toys, and other starter paraphenilia.
Then, even though she seemed healthy when we got her, she got VERY sick. Parvo test, Xrays, antibiotics, blood tests... These really added up. Then tack on her spay, another $250.

Then there's general maintenance and emergency injury fund. Many people here have animals with previously broken limbs. Our dog go all out, and sometimes they get hurt just having fun. More money. Food costs me about $35 a month and toys are easily another $30.

So, when you ask about a cheap puppy, people may think you are not prepared for the full financial burden you are asking for. No puppy is cheap, is what I'm trying to say. Good luck finding what you are looking for.


pibbles and bits

Postby pibbles and bits » Mon Aug 16, 2004 6:49 pm

well i plan on going all out on my puppy when i get it. it'll have all the toys, food, love, attention, and vet visits it needs. it'd just be better to find a cheap one, so i can spend more on spoiling it roflmao

and the vets not a real problem. my new roommate, his sister works at the vet. spaying/neutering is only 50 dollars for me, so you can imagine how cheap everything else would be 8)

pibbles and bits

Postby pibbles and bits » Tue Aug 17, 2004 12:09 am

i just emailed them to ask if any were still available. heh i wonder how far rowlette is from me

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