Eye boogers.....

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Eye boogers.....

Postby McGoose » Tue Aug 24, 2004 2:45 pm

.....McGoose gets eye boogers quite a bit. Sometimes, they are HUGE, and always gooey. We do live in a high-allergy area (Tulsa, Ok.)....do dogs get allergies like people, or do all pits have an issue with the eye booger??
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Postby pocketpit » Tue Aug 24, 2004 3:04 pm

Dogs can have allergies just like people, but some of them can also have problems with eye boogers for other reasons. Most eye boogers are just natures way to keeping the eye safe from debris so unless it's a funny color, matting up his eyes, or he has other issues (like bad skin, itchy ears and feet, etc) I wouldn't worry about it.

Postby spane1 » Wed Aug 25, 2004 8:34 am

Jack get eye boogers alot, they don't seem to bother him.

Postby tuesdaysmom » Wed Aug 25, 2004 1:32 pm

My dog has a lot of eye boogers too.

Postby wndrtwns04 » Fri Aug 27, 2004 9:38 am

Do any of you smoke? My mom smokes ALOT and her dogs have bag eye boogers. When I watched them (I smoke outside) the boogers went away. When she picked them up after vacation the boogers came right back. SO I then developed the cigarette/eye booger theory.

Postby McGoose » Fri Aug 27, 2004 1:57 pm

No, we don't smoke. The boogers don't look infected or have a foul odor, nor are the big (generally). I just have to clean them off her face about five or six times a day.

Must be all that sleep.

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Postby tuesdaysmom » Fri Aug 27, 2004 10:08 pm

I don't smoke either, I think some may be allergic, others just big booger producers! :roll:

Postby SuperNova » Tue Aug 31, 2004 1:11 pm

Nova gets eye boogers too. And no one in this house smokes.. we also live in a very high allergy area (Arizona.. dry and so full of pollen.. oh yay). They don't seem to bother her at all. I just wipe them off and its no sweat. :thumbsup:

I wouldn't be surprised if its allergies. She's already allergic to Nylon collars, cayenne pepper, lamb...i wonder what else. :roll:
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Postby ilovexzar » Tue Aug 31, 2004 7:43 pm

Xzar used to get EYE BOOGERS....Spent $75 at the vet to find out that he had allergies. They were pretty bad when we were living in the Windsor/Detroit area...
They didn't bother him at all when we took him up north by Minnesota.
They don't bother him at all now here in Toronto...
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