Oregon rescue need help

Why buy from a breeder when there are plenty of homeless pups in shelters???

Oregon rescue need help

Postby Steph-n-Wolf » Thu Sep 16, 2004 12:35 pm

There is a Pit Bull rescue family here in Eugene, Oregon. The organization is Liesl's Luv-A-Bulls, and Liesl is a friend of mine. Her facility is wonderful - bright, sunny, country setting... very clean and fun for the dogs. Liesl feeds only the top quaility kibble and spends most of her day exercising and socializing with the dogs.

Liesl receives five or more phone calls a day from the public requesting her to take their dogs to rehome. Here in Eugene there is a serious problem with back yard breeders, and low income and homeless individules getting a Pit Bull and then not beign able to give it care.

Currently Liesl is over loaded with the amount of dogs in her care. She is turning down everyone that calls, but still went to pick up a 10 week old Pit Bull puppy from animal regullations in order to avoid its euthanasia.

Liesl is in great need for responsible foster and forever homes. This is important for all of the adoptable dogs in her care, but there is a special need currently for a very special gal...

This is Charlotte. Charlotte has been with Liesl longer than such a wonderful dog should be.

She is 19 to 36 Months old

Charlotte needs a new palce to be. She does not get along with one of the other females at the rescue, and because of that it is making taking care of her and all of the other dogs at the rescue very difficult for Leisl. Charlotte gets along great with many dogs, and would probably enjoy a home with a canine companion. She loves young dogs, and small dogs of either gender, and male Pit Bulls are fine. Charlotte is not dog aggressive and does nto start fights; but she will not back down from a female her same size or larger if challanged.

Here is what Leisl has to say about Charlotte:

"Since arriving at our rescue and foster home, Charlotte has attended a weekly obedience class and also receives private training from a professional trainer and volunteer. She is extrememly intelligent and very eager to please. She knows "sit" "Stay" and "down." She also walks very well on-leash and will pretty much do anything asked of her. In addition to this training, Charlotte and I completed a training program with the national organization "Therapy Dogs, Inc." I saw something very special in Charlotte that convinced me that she would make an excellent therapy dog. She is loving and gentle with all people, even children and the elderly or ill, or anyone who may behave or react differently than "normal." Nothing frightens or startles her - she is very comfortable around all kinds of equipment or in any facility. In every situation I've placed her, she has remained calm, attentive, and affectionate. Charlotte did very well in the therapy dog training class but failed the test because she licked the Tester/teacher on the face. Licking is not allowed for therapy dogs, but Charlotte is so affectionate that it has been hard to teach her not to "give kisses." Anyone who would like to pursue this with Charlotte would need totake the class and pass the test with Charlotte, because owner and dog must be trained as a TEAM. She has a lot of potential to do volunteer work and would enjoy the chance to visit people in hospitals, nursing homes and schools. While here, Charlotte has done NOTHING destructive. Because of all the dogs here, Charlotte doesn't get a lot of individual attention, but she has not done anything "bad" in all her hours alone. Charlotte loves people so much, it breaks my heart that she doesn't have a family of her own. She loves everyone - young and old, male and female. She has never shown the least aggression toward a person under ANY circumstances. In fact, she absolutely ADORES people. Charlotte will need moderate exercise. Here she gets 2 walks a day, about 90minutes total, and she seems happy with that. She also loves to play Tug, chase balls and frisbees (doesnt bring them back, however) and get any type of attention she can. She hardly ever barks. In the house she is quiet and mellow unless she is playing with another dog. Physically, Charlotte is healthy and beautiful. She was in poor shape when I got her due to a long period of neglect while her owner was sick and dying. However now, she is gorgeous and very happy."

Please consider Charlotte for a foster dog. If your are anywhere in the regional area, we will see what we can do with helping transport.

This is Leisl's contact info: lieslw@rio.com Phone: 541-345-7511
Here is the link to Leisl's Pit Bulls that are on line: http://www.pbrc.net/dogpages/west/luvabullsp1467.html

You may also contact me by replying to this post, sending a personal message, or giving me an e-amil or phone call
wolffamily@peak.org (541)343-1810

Here are some more pictures of this wonderful gal.



I have more great pictures of here (including on of her all dressed up in a tu-tu!) I can e-mail them to anyone that is interested.

Please feel free to cross-post.

Thank you.


Postby megan203 » Thu Sep 16, 2004 4:16 pm

OMG! I want her! Dang! Stupid living so far away!

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Postby JCleve86 » Thu Sep 16, 2004 5:56 pm

Poor girl...I hate hearing about this stuff because I can't do anything about it for at least two years (at which point I will be getting a rescue). Poor Charlotte. That particular rescue has two dogs that I'm SO in love with:


and Honey, with a bad at-home crob job (which she obviously recieved prior to being rescued)

Sorry, no intentions to high-jack your thread...just had to share a few other wonderful dogs that the rescue has. :oops:


Postby Steph-n-Wolf » Thu Sep 23, 2004 5:47 pm

You are not hijacking at all! Thank you for noticing these pups! Leisl is in such a need for homes/responsible foster homes... I am doing everything that I can think of to help get the word out about the dogs that she has available. She is so busy every day all day long taking care of dogs that she has very little chance to do the foot work of getting the word out... which is where I am trying to help.

Here are some more pictures of Charlotte....

<IMG SRC="http://www2.freepichosting.com/Images/421553181/28.jpg" BORDER=0>

<IMG SRC="http://www2.freepichosting.com/Images/421553181/29.jpg" BORDER=0>

<IMG SRC="http://www2.freepichosting.com/Images/421553181/30.jpg" BORDER=0>

Isn't she beautiful?! :))

Here is a picture of Liesl's kennel

<IMG SRC="http://www2.freepichosting.com/Images/421553181/31.jpg" BORDER=0>

Here are a few more good pics of Honey



And I think this guy is great!


Both Gideon and Honey are still in need of a home.

Liesl also has a 12 week old PUPPY that needs a home!

C'mon... puppy fever... anyone want a PUPPY?! She is brindle and wonderful like all puppies are! :thumbsup:


Postby Kelliek » Fri Sep 24, 2004 7:33 am

wow! i wish i still lived in N. CA - i would snatch that girl up in a heartbeat! she has everything i would look for in second dog. sounds like her and cody would a perfect match :). i sooo want another pittie (and cody does too - he misses his pittie friends and foster buddies). ah, well, someday.


Postby JaquelineC » Mon Sep 27, 2004 12:28 pm

Still waiting to hear back from you regarding Charlotte, Steph!


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