Looking for a Performance Home for Maverick in North Carolin

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Looking for a Performance Home for Maverick in North Carolin

Postby Amy Hendrickson » Mon Apr 19, 2004 2:48 pm

Maverick is a high energy adult pit bull who has had a rough life and needs a pit bull savvy home who wants a performance dog. He loves activity and is very task oriented. Would make an awesome companion for an active male who wants a skateboarding dog or running. Mav has a powerful back end and is very strong and loves to pull. Very friendly personality (unless you are a cat or small dog), he is fairly dog friendly but introductions need to be done slowly and always supervised. He has some heavy scarring on his face, legs and his ears have been torn but he is a beautiful dog with a great body and excellent temperament. Maverick is probably around 3 years old. He is housebroken. Email: amy@pbrc.net or katie@pbrc.net for more information about Maverick http://www.pbrc.net/dogpages/south/secondchancep1164_2.html

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