A New APBT owner

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A New APBT owner

Postby SoFlaAPBT » Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:21 pm

Hey all,

My name is Richard, and I am 21 y.o. I do property management of some commercial real estate in south Florida. I have a 3/2 SFH with a big fenced in backyard on a cul de sac. I have always wanted to own my own dog and finally have the opportunity. I had a Black Lab when I was young and had to give her away for reasons I still don't fully understand. I've wanted a pit since I met one at one of the properties I manage. As I was walking by he was barking at me and I was intimidated but as I approached I noticed his tail was wagging. He is the sweetest dog and just looked mean because I didn't understand that not all barking is bad.

I bought Bourke from a friend of a friend that had a litter. Both parents are purebred pitbulls (rednose). He is 13 weeks old and I've had him for about a week now. I have never met a dog so eager to please. He has had some anxiety around males and will do a bark thats appears as if he's testing them to establish where he stands in the pack not aggressive or snarling. After doing a lot of reading and watching some helpful The Dog Whisperer episodes, I have him potty/crate trained. He learns so quickly and its great to watch him develop. At this moment I am looking to make him a great family dog with structure, excercise, and educating my friends and family on how he is thinking or feeling.



Other than all that I am an average 21 yo. I go to the gym. I've been with my girlfriend for 4 years this august. We live together with our teacup yorkie Dooney. Hence, "Dooney and Bourke". I'm hoping to absorb all I can and prove how great of a dog Bourke will be.

Thanks! :run: :angel:

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Re: A New APBT owner

Postby sharron » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:24 am

Hi Richard. I am Sharron and new to this forum myself.

Being you are a first time pit bull owner. Read , and ask all the questions you want , no matter how silly you might think they are. LOL !

You mentioned the "tail wag" as you passed the barking dog.
Unfortunately , you cannot judge a dog as friendly ( especially a pit bull ) by his tail wagging.

First and foremost. It is important to watch and learn your pups body language.

Learning a dog's body language , ( position of the ears, tail , stance and what it means when the dog's tail goes fast , slow , the height etc . ) Will clue you in on the dog's state of mind at that moment.

I have had the great pleasure of having pit bulls in my life for over twenty years .

May I offer you a suggestion ? I have kept a journal on all my dogs
over the years so I can refer back
and help others . Body language , and what 'triggers' other reactions has indeed been most helpful. Each and every dog has their own personality . Knowing a head of time what to expect , will not come as a surprise.

Your pup is a beauty , by the way !!


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Re: A New APBT owner

Postby Apbt4life » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:53 pm

welcome to pbf!, good to have some one else here from south Fl. feel free to ask questions everyone on this forum is pretty cool and we all learn from one another.

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Re: A New APBT owner

Postby spammie » Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:14 am


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